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Engadget just posted an article about the new Nikon D4, and it looks like a true winner. [Thanks Alex] A full frame camera that goes toe to toe with Canon's (unreleased) 1Dx, with built in Ethernet that can transmit photos or can be controlled remotely via a web browser. Wifi capable, and the most important thing for video shooters - uncompressed video output to capture to an external device. Estimated price $6K which is cheaper than Canon's 1Dx estimated price. Let's hope they don't fail by not providing FULL manual video controls. Check out more of the specs and a video over at (click here).

find-price-button Nikon D4 Full Frame DSLR Price and Availability

B&H has also published a product listing that verifies the new price (found here) and estimated release date (earlier than the 1Dx), along with an article for the Nikon D4 announcement with some other interesting insights (click here).

Nikon's higher end cameras tend to stay out of stock once they become available. If you're a Nikon guy who's already sold on the spec sheet, Adorama is already taking pre-orders (click here).

find-price-button Nikon D4 Pre-Order via Adorama


34 thoughts on “Nikon D4 Full Frame Uncompressed Video Out

  1. matthew

    It is amazing how people show their stupidity -- trying to compare apples with oranges. People, the Nikon D4 is a still camera that can do some video, whereas the Sony Nex-FS100 is a video camera that can do some still. Of course the FS100 can do more in video than the D4, but can the FS100 do better in still photography than a D4 definitely not. Again please do not show your stupidity, you just make other people laugh!

  2. luis

    Damn, uncompressed video on 35mm sensor... I'm babbling... I LOVE THIS CAMERA, please god give me one, along with a Ninja and a Nikon Mic.

  3. Scottrellwi

    The important thing to take away here is Canon finally has competition.

    Look at the smart phone industry. They can't iterate through devices fast enough now that there are 3-4 competing platforms. Even the cheapie phones are nice because there is competition.

    I can't wait until we can get a $1000 DSLR that shoots video in RAW. It will happen eventually.

  4. N.K.Osborne

    Well I said for photography it's great. I'm not missing the point at all. The fact of the matter is this, I'm a filmmaker first. I only take photos once in a blue moon. Spending $6k on this isn't smart for people like me. If we're going to spend that much we're going to be looking at the FS100 most likely.

    Again if photography is very important to you this camera is awesome. However I'm primarily a filmmaker and I can't justify the cost.

  5. getem


    I can go back 50 pages on this website and Everything relates to video, I honestly have no idea what people are talking about. Secondly all I said was $6K for this camera was a lot when I could buy a fs100 and a Gh2 and do any and everything I wanted too.

    At the end of the day, buy what you want and lets see what happens. If you have 6k for a dslr photo/video camera then do your thing.

    To much time is spent arguing instead of creating movies....

  6. MN

    Since I'm doing a gig at a 5 star hotel on Monday that requires shooting stills and video, I'm thankful I have a DSLR that does both --and I'll continue to look at gear that does so.

    This Nikon might qualify. We'll see. I'm curious.

    I've been using motion picture cameras since image capture was based around mechanics and chemicals not 0's and 1's, and I've found it's a bit nuts to have loyalty to any brand. Sure, that doesn't mean I don't have preferences, we all do. Investment being the biggest. What glass people own is the ultimate influence.

    Still, make something that solves a problem for me and I'll consider it. I've never been clear why anyone would dismiss a product because they have a bias regarding something they personally own --and assume it's the only solution for everyone else.

  7. Tony

    I agree with Mark London. Being able to shoot NASCAR/Cycling/Marathon events and then able to shoot BBC-qualified broadcast video from one acquisition device is truly worth noting...especially when you're a one or two man crew. I'm glad I'm not heavily invested in any one system... looking to see what Canon (5DMIII) and Sony (A99) will bring to the shooter's table before I make my first $5k+ purchase.

  8. Tony

    @getem - read the banner... Video AND Photography. Emm post topics on photgraphic cameras all the time. We here look for the most versatile and flexible ways to get our projects done. Where you get this site is dedicated to video only is beyond me. I need to beat a dead horse. For those who are MULTI-media producers, its a powerful tool to have when you need to travel light but capture to many formats, photo (fast, low-light, time lapse) and highly gradable HD video.

  9. mark london

    Ronan: the HDMI out is 1080.

    Those people pushing the FS100 above are mad. I like the AF100 a lot (and LOVE the F3), but most of my clients want a 'filmic' look at broadcast spec. Being able to give then the 'Canon' look at high res via Atomos or similiar PLUS using it for my stills assignments rocks my world.
    I shoot a lot of 'music video' type stuff, and 60fps at 720p has worked fine for me the last 3 years, and will continue to.

    For run and gun doco that 2.7x trick looks pretty cool. That 50mm prime just became a 135mm for that moment I needed it. Nice.

    I have been having RED Scarlet lust the last few weeks, especially after handling one, but now that Nikon has launched this, I know that by the end of the year I'll have this, and the new Canon 4k or 7D Mark II for probably the same money, PLUS my old 550 and 7D.

  10. CS

    @getem Look under the CheesyCam header at the top of the page. "DIY Video and Photography Projects" Seems like both sides are relevant for discussion.

  11. getem

    @Tony your missing the point, No One is looking at this Camera on a video website as a "Picture Camera".

    If this was a photo site you might have an argument but everything you are saying is irrelevant on a website dedicated to video......

  12. Tony

    neither an FS100 nor a GH2 takes exceptional photos. Like others said, you're missing the point. Is a dual pie-chart needed?

  13. getem

    The ONLY reason many videographers use a Dslr for video is for that very reason......

    Having used an Fs100, F3, etc. I can tell you that the quality is leaps and bounds better than a dslr.

    Like I said I would buy an Fs100 that has amazing video quality and with an extra $1000 you can buy a Gh2 and hack it and basically conquer your craft.

  14. Nikon Sensors are made by SONY

    Uncompressed Im all for it. that's alot of room for grading,
    hyperdeckshuttle From Black-magic Will be my Add on I have it and that work's great I know I will be disappointed with
    lost's fo room for grading

  15. Rabi

    I'm interested in the specifics of the HDMI out.

    People saying that buying an AF100 or FS100 are kind of missing the point. This isn't a video camera. It's a world-class stills camera with what look to be impressive video capabilities. This is a professional new shooter's camera, and the fact is that a lot of people who will buy it will have at most a tangential interest in video.

  16. Doesn't HDMI only transmit something like 50mbps? Are people going to be able to get any higher bit rates with an external recorder? Nikon makes great sensors and great lenses but they always screw up the codec, bit rate, frame rates, manual controls, exposure histos, etc. Would love it if the new models (D400 and D800) follow this model's path.

  17. Rabby

    Late in the game. Sad still no 1080p/60 I switched from Nikon to Canon. Waiting for Canon's 4K DSLR c-Series...Got GH2 a month ago, hacked it looks great,,,

  18. On the timelapse, the Nikon will take all of your frames and dump it into a movie file for you. you don't have to dump the frames into a video editor unless you feel it's warranted for other reasons. My feelings were lukewarm on the D4, but it's now a definite possibility for the future. There is also DX cropping while maintaining full video resolutions turning your 200mm telephoto into virtually a megalens.

  19. stanperry

    This camera is worth more than the money ... All depending on the single core chip it has hold up to the 1dx will make the decision for me ... the nikon with the dual monitoring is a long over due and over looked function ... i wish the 5d mark ii had it ... not to mention the uncompressed output smh ... that is great its like nikon engineers put a whole bunch of canon dudes in a room let them talk hella shit about the 1dx and took notes ... this might be a great camera at the price point but only ... ONLY ... If the picture quality is up to par ... I can tell you already im going to rent the camera the first day it comes out and that will determine wether i sell all my canon gear or not .... I held on to my hvx 200 for too long ... I will not be caught in the dust again ...

  20. MN

    Low noise, High ISO, full frame, uncompressed HDMI out.

    Depending on how well it performs doing those things, that's holy grail territory.

    If you don't think those features are worth taking a look at with a sticker price of 6K, well ... I don't know what to say.

    Like I mentioned, I tried to use a D90 for video in the past and it was pathetic, but if they can deliver on the goods, I'll be considering this camera in the future.

  21. Scottrellwi

    Uncompressed, clean output, adjustable headphone monitoring, super high ISO, Ethernet/wifi, browser-based monitoring/control, crazy 2.x crop zoom....

    Sounds like they passed Canon on video features for less money.

    This is good because competition drives innovation. Canon has done little innovation since the 5dmkII 3 years ago because they didn't need to.

    Come on Canon, add the magic lantern features instead of purposely handicapping products to prevent erosion of your video camera division.

    Trickle down economics will hopefully give us these features in a couple of years.

  22. A year ago this would've been great news, but I have to agree with getem : a Panasonic AF100 is cheaper, and a Sony FS100 costs about the same. Both have no moire nor aliasing, XLR audio and better handling.

  23. MN

    Actually, one of the most awesomely anachronistic aspects of the camera is when the demo vid shows a user doing a frame burst for about 5 seconds. I believe they said it's 15fps. Sounds like an old film camera with the shutter clicking over so fast!

    I'll give 'em that. It's nostalgic and cute.

  24. Rob S.

    Yeah, but this Nikon is leaps and bounds ahead of the Sony as a still camera, which this is primarily. Be interesting to see what images look like shot at ISO 204,800. Or if the new XQD flash format takes hold. I'm already well invested in CF and SD.

  25. getem

    No 60fps? $6K camera........ With hacks for the Gh2 and excellent cameras still like the 5d I just dont see any of us buying this.

  26. MN

    I used to use the D90 for video every once in awhile. Close to worthless. Horrible video encoder.

    We'll see how they decide to handle video on this go-round.

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