New – Wondlan Mini Camera Stabilizer

Wondlan Carbon Stabilizer

Earlier this year Wondlan released a Carbon Fiber Stabilizer that doubled as a short monopod when you're not running around. A neat idea, but so far we haven't seen any real solid tests of perfect flight capabilities. Now Wondlan throws in a much smaller unit made from Aluminum to support cameras in the same range as a Glidecam HD1000 (found here).

Wondlan Mini
find-price-button Wondlan Mini Stabilizer

There's a few image comparisons between their larger Carbon Monopod / Stabilizer and new Mini Stabilizer fully extended and collapsed. Wondlan makes some pretty cool products with good build quailty, but this Mini Stabilizer is being offered for slightly more than a Glidecam HD1000. For such a small unit, it's even priced more than Flycam's new Carbon C5 Stabilizer (here).

My advise is to just go with what works, and has been proven for many years. I honestly don't see anything new being brought to the table here, so why jack up prices? If you're curious to see more images and specs, the new Wondlan Mini Stabilizer can be found online (click here).

Wondlan Mini Stabilizer
find-price-button Wondlan Mini Stabilizer

5 thoughts on “New – Wondlan Mini Camera Stabilizer

  1. Jerry

    I bought and used one of these stabilizer, stick with Glidcam, it does not work as it shown on video. I ended up hacking it bit and pieces to mod with my $450 down the drain.

  2. Great tutorial! I'm really impressed to read about how to connect a monopod to a Glidecam. I didn't know this before today. It's very important note for me. Thanks for this allocation.

  3. Rabby

    These days Chinese Companies know that we Americans will pay, in haste we do make mistake. So might as well jack up the prices. Recently I ask one the Chinese company for their "Speed Crank" and they said its $70.00+$25 for SH. Holly Crap forget that, I rather make one myself..

    I agree with Emm "go with what works, and has been proven for many years."

  4. Looks cool.
    I'm actually about to upload that tutorial about how to connect a monopod to a Glidecam that I promised few weeks ago.
    Will send you a link.

  5. Tony

    Wondlan- The Asian Cinevate/Zacuto 🙂 Honestly people, speak wit your wallet, or lack thereof. Like Emm said, choose what works for you and has a proven track record and sensible pricing. As for as this stabilizer...there's nothing to see here..move along.

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