New Wieldy DV Pro Iron Triangle Stabilizer

Wieldy's new DV Pro Stabilizer (a.k.a Iron Triangle DV) looks like a more advanced version of a Glidecam HD series stabilizer. If you look closely to the design, it resembles the same left / right / forward / back adjustable stage as Glidecam along with a built in quick release stage for fast packing.

The entire sled design and even counterweights are also cut to a similar shape that resemble the Glidecam. If not for the Carbon Fiber post of the Wieldy, I could easily mistaken this for either the Glidecam HD2000 or HD4000.


Here's where a few differences are with the Wieldy. The Wieldy DV Pro Stabilizer states it can collapse to a minimum height of 15" which is similar to the smaller HD2000, but can telescope to about 29" which is about the max height of the largest Glidecam HD4000. The Wieldy gimbal (unlike the Glidecam) can also be repositioned on the post allowing for another fine tuning adjustment, or to use the stabilizer upside down for very low mode flying.


You can get more information, more photos, and see other video examples of the Wieldy in use following the link to the product page via eBay (Click Here).

Wieldy Iron Triangle DV Pro Stabilizer
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Gldiecam HD 2000 4000 Stabilizer
find-price-button Glidecam HD Series Video Camera Stabilizers

32 thoughts on “New Wieldy DV Pro Iron Triangle Stabilizer

  1. Hi there,
    I wonder if this vest and arm are compatible with the glidecam HD 2000? The diameter of the arm is 16 mm and 24 on the glidecam. Is there a way to adapt this?
    Thanks for your answer

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  3. impoze

    I just received mine on tuesday

    it's a really nice solid build, and smooth gimbal,

    pretty good for just over half the price of a glidecam hd2000

  4. Jerry

    Looking at the gimbal close again, it is the same gimbal as the wondlan stabilizer and there is fristion guys. I hope someone will upload a video, love to see more before I order one.

    Gimbal design and connection betweeen top stage and bottom are exactly the same as the wondlan stabilizer which I had issue with.

  5. impoze

    The seller replied back saying that the negative review is still being written and its going to be on youtube,

    He said his going to the factory today to see if new stock has arrived and will relist soon.

  6. Steven

    I find it funny that Emm posted this and the budget friendly vest on the same day. Can they be combined into a ~$700 steadicam vest setup? I hope so.

  7. Jerry

    Crap, I hope they put it backup so I can order one, sort of agreed with Emm, glidecam might have a play in it.

  8. Lucent

    @impoze - weird, the stabilizer auction was actually up this morning, and I could have actually used the Buy It Now link. DAMN IT!

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @impoze - I wouldn't think it was this blog, but maybe because they were called out on the 'similar' designs of the Glidecam, I wonder if Glidecam had the listing removed?

  10. impoze

    I just received this message back from the seller re: the auction being taken down.

    Dear impoze,

    I just remove it from my listing.

    there is a US reviewer says my iron triangle is not very good. I am very extremely angry about it. so I temporarily remove it from my listing.

    last week we have sold near over 30 sets of two-arm vest set and receive very good feedbacks (of course in China Inland market), I don't understand why those USD guys are so mean to my products.

    so far we wieldy have sold over 1000 pieces of iron triangles. not too much problems at all.

    of course if you want I can release it again.


    - orpheus_c

    I can't seem to find the US review he is talking about, surely he isnt refering to this page?

  11. Jerry

    @imgpro615 - Nice that yours is working well, why do I always get the crappy or defective I actually like the C5, so far it's been working well after I lube it a little, took it apart and run the HDMI cable so I have monitor on the bottom. I will order this one next couple of weeks.

    My big beef is the C5 we have to use that allen screw to adjust the gimbal.

  12. imgpro615

    Jerry, i am sorry to hear your C5 flycam had issues...mine is excellent and i really love it...

    but i totally agree that this iron triangle looks great...the adjustable topstage and gimbal are really where it's at!

    had i not already gotten the C5, i would be all in for this!
    ...might still do it once my new arm and vest come in

  13. Jerry

    This really sucks, I ordered and got the flycam C5, found out there is a bit of a friction but I mgmt it to get it to work. Over all, glidecam have the best gimbal, but I'm still willing to give this product a try. Heck, I destroyed the wondlan stabilizer and it's a piece of shiet for $450, the flycam works better at half the price. I think this product look promising, and I'm a fool when it come to the adjustable them, I wish glidecam would come out with adjustable gimbal, I'll buy one in a heart beat.

  14. impoze


    skyler is about $100 more than the hd2000 shipped to aus,

    this wieldy one looks comparable to the hd2000 though and less than half the price of the hd2000...anyone going to try out the wieldy?

  15. Lucent

    @VanWeddings - the listing is up but you can't actually add it to the cart or use the Buy It Now. So bummed, this looked to be a good upgrade from my flycam nano. :\

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @impoze - The Glidecam HD2000 is a great stabilizer. The Skyler is more specific if you need something smaller to travel with.

  17. impoze

    ah just when I was looking at upgrading from my flycam nano dslr (just listed it on gumtree to sell)

    so what do you recommend between this, glidecam hd2000 and the skyler?

  18. MeezinSeason

    How does this compare to the Flycam Nano DSLR? I was thinking about buying one, but if this is much better I wouldn't mind spending the extra $100 to get it.

  19. Looks like it's possible to achieve some great results! Would to love to see an in-depth review video. Anyone here personally have hands-on experience?

  20. Lucent

    From their Ebay Store:

    "Due to the 18th Chinese Congress Conference,

    NOW it is almost impossible to ship items overseas!

    I reopen the store once the situation resumes back to normal."

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