New Tascam Wifi Controlled Audio Recorders In Stock

Apparently Adorama may have the only stock available on these new WiFi enabled Tascam Audio Recorders at this time, and they're also throwing in FREE 3 Day shipping as well. The hype about the new Tascam DR-22WL and DR-44WL audio recorders is that they can be controlled and configured remotely through WiFi, and files can also be transferred directly to your smartphone or computer wirelessly.

Because i've been working with my cameras on ultra mini gimbals, i'm not running an audio pack into the camera. I tend to use a Zoom H1 hand held recorder and sync the audio in post. The trick is once the Zoom H1 is tucked away with the subject it's a bit of work getting the audio to start/stop, change levels, or even double check if it's recording.

Having a wifi connection to change all settings remotely would be ideal with some of my projects. I know a few people who pocket Zoom H1 recorders with the Groom during a wedding, and this recorder may work well for that workflow as well. Unfortunately you can't monitor the audio over WiFi in real time during recording, but the concept is still a step up from a Zoom H1. More info below.

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2 thoughts on “New Tascam Wifi Controlled Audio Recorders In Stock

  1. OldCorpse

    Yeah, this is good. However, don't you think that real-time wi-fi monitoring is the next inevitable step? I do. It's obvious. If you can wait, you can be sure that the next edition will come that will have this.

    And incidentally, I keep thinking about Juicedlink and his proposed DARling. It's basically a small recorder to compete with the Zoom H1. Its good points are first and foremost small size and secure cable connections. But it lacks any remote control. These new tascams have at least some remote capabilities, and so will be a step up - of course they are also much bigger. If Tascam can shrink the size of these and add real-time remote monitoring, they'll win the market hands down.

    I'm eagerly awaiting reports on these new tascams. I'd also like to know what kind of battery life they get, so you know how long you can keep them on someone without having to go in and change the battery.

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