Movo Magic Ball Multi Adapter w/6 Rods for Mounting Accessories

Movo Magic Ball Mounting Accessories

Here's an unusual little product designed to mount several different accessories. The Movo Magic Ball Multi Adapter features sixteen 3/8" female threads, comes with 6 rods each with multiple 1/4" & 3/8" female threads, and comes with a set of 1/4-20 to 3/8 Male|Male threaded adapters.

magic friction arm ball

Should be a good way to mount a bunch of stuff over a light stand, tripods, or rigs. Excellent accessory to pair up with variable friction arms. It's a bit unconventional but I think the parts alone are worth more than it's retail price of just $19.99 + FREE Shipping. Find it (HERE).

movo-magic-ballmovo magic ball mount
find-price-button Movo Magic Ball Multi Adapter w/ 1/4-20 + 3/8" Threads + 6 Rods for Accessories

15 thoughts on “Movo Magic Ball Multi Adapter w/6 Rods for Mounting Accessories

  1. I just received mine - fast shipping, by the way. I agree with OldCorpse, 15mm on the nose, very nicely machined and finished. All the threads are accurate, and after thinking about it in reverse (think of the mounting upside down on the front of a rig, there are some possibilities for handle mounting which could be very interesting...I'm just starting to play with it, so they might ONLY be just interesting. Not sure yet. But well worth the money for the configurations shown in the photos. Nice packaging and package design, as well. Thanks, Emm.

  2. OldCorpse

    I just received it. Yes, it's 15mm rods, and does what is says on the tin. Decent quality workmanship, and it came very nicely packaged. Feels like a solid product. For the money, totally worth it IMHO. Thanks Emm, for alerting us to this!

  3. JSS

    I'm with Emm definitely a useful piece of kit. I have a different version that i use all the time to mount a Sennheiser receiver and zoom h1 on top of my dslr. This is a great kit cause it comes with all the extra parts I had to get separately. I would buy it if I didn't already have something like it or if it wasn't double the price to get it into Canada.

  4. I just pulled the trigger on a set. You certainly can't beat the price for 6 cheese rods (although limited holes)and 6 3/8 - 1/4-20 adapters, plus the Cheese Ball. I also don't know whether the rods are actually 15mm, which would open up some other uses on a rig, but I'm willing to take the chance - they look like they're 15mm. I hadn't seen the Manfrotto one, but I know I've seen one that somebody else is making in red (just did a search - it's the Manfrotto that's red - Dado Mount kit with three rods is 60 bucks!). I'll let you know what the quality is when it arrives.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Colin Allison - True Manfrotto has a multi-mount ball thing, but I don't know if they ever offered so many rods and stuff as part of a package. Still a good deal.

  6. Derek McCabe

    I think you misread my sarcasm... I think this is a cool tool. But c'mon.. you know you want to see 6 GoPros mounted on a helmut with this thing!

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Derek McCabe - I've actually used something similar to this before in studio when Audio is recorded apart from the camera during interviews. On a single light stand (or tripod) I can attach several wireless mic packs + audio recorder (zoom h4n or H6) + a place to hang my headphones. Beats putting all that stuff on the ground, or trying to find a table to set everything down. I can stand in one place monitoring and managing all of the audio.

    It's also super handy if you have to travel with a lighting kit. You can mount several 'small' LED lights to a single Light Stand making a larger light source (i.e. 3-4pcs Z96 lights). This beats having to travel with large cases that fit very large light panels.

    Just a few ideas on how i've used multi-mount things before.

  8. Derek McCabe

    I guess it can be useful, but I can't stop laughing. Please show me a photo of someone using this at a wedding 🙂

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