AspenMics HQ-SE Locking TRS Replacement Backup Lav Mic for Sennheiser G2 G3 Wireless Systems

Well it's been a long time coming, but it's finally available. AspenMics listed an HQ-SE Locking TRS Lav microphone on their website sometime last summer, but it was never available for purchase. The hold up apparently was wireless interference issues which required better insulation (since it's primary use is on a wireless system).

Grabbing another inexpensive aftermarket lav mic (JK mics), I did a quick interference test holding it close to the power supply of a few electronics. Sure enough the cheaper JK microphone was extremely prone to interference.

The JK microphone had a physically smaller capsule compared to the AspenMics HQ-SE (not sure if there's any sound difference due to the size).
aspenmics vs jk lav microphones
Aspen HQ-SE vs JK Lav Mic

The cheaper JK mic also had a thinner cable at 1.6mm possibly less shielding from interference. The AspenMics HQ-SE cabling was measured around 2.04mm barely a difference, but I guess it's enough to prevent wireless interference issues.
jk lav mic cable aspen mics lav cable hq-se
JK Sennheiser Lav vs AspenMics HQ-SE Lav

Obviously the best thing you can do for your Evolution Wireless Kits is to purchase the OEM Sennheiser ME-2 LAV microphone. But at normal retail $139 Dollars, that's gets pretty expensive each time you have to replace one or carry a spare for backup.
Sennheiser Wireless LAV Mic
find-price-button Sennheiser ME-2 Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone

The AspenMics HQ-SE to my ears can sound just as good especially if you want to spend a little time EQ'ing it in post and currently lists for under $45 dollars (that's like 3 for the price of 1 sennheiser). Even cheaper if you go for the 2 pack or 3 pack bundles!

AspenMics HQ-SE Sennheiser Compatible Lav Mic
find-price-button AspenMics HQ-SE Replacement Backup Lav Microphone for Sennheiser G2 G3 Wireless Systems

4 thoughts on “AspenMics HQ-SE Locking TRS Replacement Backup Lav Mic for Sennheiser G2 G3 Wireless Systems

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Rod Parmenter - Yes you can pick up the HQ-SE stereo lav mic from aspenmics and plug it directly into your camera. If it's not long enough, you can always add a 3.5mm extension cable. Regardless which mic you choose, it's always better to use a good preamp instead of relying on the camera's preamps. You can use something like a juicedlink to make everything sound better.

  2. @Emm- Do you hard wire a lav when possible? And if so which lav do you suggest. I think I've seen use suggest the Aspen for connecting directly to the camera but I'm wondering you would consider is the best option? Thanks.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @OldCorpse - Agreed, the ME-2 doesn't sound as nice as the Rode, but that Rode is also $250 dollars. This article was merely to share an optional backup mic that's affordable to keep in the bag. It's certainly not the best, but cheap enough without issues when used on a wireless.

  4. OldCorpse

    Here's what's funny. You pushed up the gain on the Aspen compared to the OEM in that last test, but guess what... the Aspen mic now comes through at much bigger volume with more presence and better base, although I guess it's slightly more sibilant as well compared to the OEM. All in all, the Aspen acquitted itself quite honorably even in comparison with the OEM Senn ME-2. However the reputation of the ME-2 is as a mic with relatively quite poor sensitivity compared to most higher priced mics and even including the Rode Lavalier Mic, as you can see in this comparison:


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