Mounting Kamerar QV-1 to Fhugen GH3 Video Cage – DIY

Ok, before you continue trying to tackle this project, i'd like to point out that Kamerar will be releasing a new baseplate for the QV-1 LCD View Finder. This new baseplate will allow the QV-1 to fit better with smaller camera systems - which will render this DIY useless for many.

Now because I don't have an exact ETA on when this new baseplate will be released, this project could be useful for the time being. If you already have the Fhugen GH3 cage here's one way to get the inexpensive QV-1 LCD View Finder mounted.

Mounting the baseplate of the QV-1 directly to one of the tripod mounts will not align properly, but it will if you use the actual camera mounting screw to hold both in place.

The Kamerar QV-1 can actually dock directly with a Manfrotto 501PL compatible quick release baseplate or directly to a compatible tripod head (see it in action here). Another benefit is that the QV-1 is offered with a baseplate and set of 15mm rails, so you can now add a follow focus to your setup.

Of course if you're using another system, you can directly attach another QR plate underneath the QV-1 base through one of the threaded mounts. You can find out more about these products at

Fhugen GH3 Cage
Kamerar QV-1 LCD ViewFinder

13 thoughts on “Mounting Kamerar QV-1 to Fhugen GH3 Video Cage – DIY

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Michael Sharp - Not many viewfinders work with the GH3. For the most basic setup I would still go with QV1M. I would get a quick release base mounted to the top of a standard set of rails like in this video:httpss://

  2. One more question since you have all the parts: Which viewfinder (GV1? VF4?Something else?) using the GH3 in and out of the the honu cage, with and without rails. The goal being to have as few parts as possible. Your thoughts and experience are much appreciated.

  3. Iain Thomas

    Hi Emm, any sign of the new baseplate? If not will go for the DIY route. Can't make it out from the video but when attaching the baseplate under the fughen cage and then to to a 501 plate would that make the system anti twist?

    Currently have a 501 plate under the cage meaning everything is locked in nicely and it would be a shame to lose that.

  4. Random

    Thanks for this. This was the only thing stopping me from getting one ^_^ I will check for a nice replacement bolt and post results.

  5. Just a tip, stick your bolt into your drill, grab a file, power the drill and push the file into the bolt, probably easier then messing around with a grinder.

  6. I wonder if the Varavon swing out finder/loupe (httpss:// will work with the Fhugen cage?

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