More CF for your Buck.

I picked up quite a few of these Kingston Compact Flash cards for video use. They are unbelievably cheap for it's size, and are rated to be fast enough for shooting video. They seem to work pretty awesome for the projects that i've been working on.

There are a few comments i'm concerned about. I've heard of a temp gauge going on when using these in the Canon 7D, and i've also heard that at times the card will start, overbuffer the camera, and then stop video recording all of a sudden. Maybe i'm not shooting anything long enough, using it enough, or maybe i'm doing something different. I'm sure photographers will never have these problems since they are just shooting photos.For video use, so far I haven't had any problems on the several that i've purchased. Anyone else try these cards for Video on DSLR's? Any comments?

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  1. cwow

    Just wanted to put in a another note saying that the Kingston 133x 16g or 32g cards jam up the buffer. So they are pretty much unreliable.

    Especially if you are shooting with a plugged in mic or high ISO.

    Does anyone know why this happens considering the 133x=20mb which is well over the 7d write speed requirements of 8mb?


  2. yeah. Just got a 7D and brought it to hawaii had 2 kingston cards the 133x(green) and 266x(red), both 16gb capacity. Noticed that on longer(non stop) shooting the cards would, especially the 133x, would bring up the buffer indicator then go off then come on then fill up then stop record. This was pretty consistent on long takes. I never noticed if there was a particular length. Also I did notice that putting a IS canon lens on it with IS turned ON would cause buffer indicator to kick in again. I don't know what that was about. A buddy of mine thought maybe the buffer on the (card?) wasn't fast enough for the IS and especially when the card started to get low on space.

    I don't know. The only thing I can really see is that these cards don't like long takes. Also i didn't notice any heat issues. I was in Hawaii during winter but it still got pretty hot AND i was shooting in clubs so it got pretty humid and the camera performed like champ. THE only time it came up while i was there though, I doubt this had to do with the weather there and more with the particular room/environment), was when I was shooting a band (with full 3 amps) in a pretty well insulated/padded room that was TINY and had no ventilation. The electric fan was on but that did nothing to really cool things, just circulated hot air. ONLY in this situation did the 7D get really hot that I first noticed it to the touch and then the temp warning lamp came up and then stopped. I pulled out the card and took you the batter and lens to open things up and cool things off.

    otherwise I LOVE THE 7D. I live in the northwest and the climate here is cool to cold. No worries with this camera. Love your DIY stuff man. Some inspiring and cool tricks. I try to build lots of my support as well. I normally shoot on a hpx170 but just got the 7D and finding a bunch of (lighter) things to build for it. Here's my favorite and most used:


  3. Maarten

    My experience with shooting on Kingston 16gb card with the 7D is that indeed it overbuffers camera. It happened to me quite a few times, so I had to use the Sandisk 30 mb/s card which don't have this problem.

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