Monitor is Set – DIY Quick Release LCD

They sell quick release plates for the Tripods I have in the studio. Fairly cheap, so I decided to make a DIY quick release adapter for the entire large television monitor i'm using to clearly see what's going on in the crane shot. This tripod and fluid head is super beefy and much better than mounting it on my light stand. I'll mount the Asus WiCast receiver to the Monitor and I should be all set for a shoot in the studio this weekend.

find-price-button Quick Release Plate for 717AH

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  1. Trevor

    Hey Emm, I saw on Shane Hurlbut's blog, Shane was talking about external monitors and how he was using a 17" Asus monitor for DSLR work but noticed he was overexposing some of his shots. He then got the HP LP2480ZX 24" monitor and swears by it as being incredibly accurate. That monitor is over 2300 bucks. Many of us can't afford that but still want something that is close enough to the camera LCD to actually check exposure/focus, etc. Basically a "good enough" option that is much cheaper. Can you recommend a large (over 20 inch) monitor that is actually decently accurate for DSLR work? Thanks!

  2. Emm,

    Do these quick release adapters work on the ePhoto Tripod you reviewed? (Is that them in the pictures with the fluid head that ships?)

    ePhoto Professional Heavy Duty Video Camcorder Tripod Fluid Drag Head Kits by ePhoto INC WF717

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @JayDee - Overkill for run and gun most definitely. I'm in a studio for this setup. It's used for much more than my crane shot. How do you watch your playback or show playback to inspire your talent? Remember that Playback in all the cams are in HD resolution and it would suck to review and show your client playback on a 400 line 7" monitor when you have an entire studio. Besides, this large HD LCD was still cheaper than a small 7" portable that can't display HD resolution. Saved money and added multiple functions. I don't think its overkill for my projects...

  4. JayDee

    Looks stable, but a bit bulky. Seems a bit like overkill to me (like that music you used on your clip).


  5. Craig Zarkos

    which model of Tv is this? does the 7d to 1080p or 720p output for monitoring? ( wondering if i should be looking for 720 or 1080)

    Also, any idea where to look for a long hdmi cable from cam to tv?

    thanks !

  6. I wish that 717ah sold the bottom part as a stand alone quick release system like manfrotto does. It'd be awesome to be able to have a 717ah style quick release plate system so I could jump from rig to rig without having to pull out a screwdriver/quarter every time.

  7. D

    This may be a dumb question, but isn't it kind of hard to get that thing on and off using the tripod quick release?

  8. Does anyone know where I can find some cheap quick release adapters that will fit the 717AH plates? It'd be lovely to use the same adapters and plates for everything!

  9. Serge

    @ Emm, I couldn't agree more with you, My brother purchased a mount for a 42 inch LED at (WORST BUY)for $139.00
    I found a couple hours later a better mount on ebay for only $38 with free shipping.

    If the acrylic pieces holds up for $3 you cant go wrong, Lets just hope that Cali. weather does not make it warp and eventually snap.

  10. Emm

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    @Serge - yeah thought about that, couldn't find one 'cheap enough' for this weekend. Retail stores rape you on those metal brackets. This acrylic piece cost me $3.00 in the plastic scrap bin at TAPs.

  11. Emm

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    @Eric - Sure can, but I was lazy as hell...LOL. This is not my travel monitor, so i'm going to leave it as is for now.

  12. Emm.

    Couldn't you counter sink the nut and bolt? or even better yet, get a t-nut and it would be more flush than the 1/2" that's sticking out and digging into the monitor.

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