Michelle Martinez Artist Video Project

Last Thursday, some friends stopped by the studio to do a simple music video with artist Michelle Martinez. Just dropped a plain white paper backdrop and setup the cheap 800w lights around a stool and a microphone. A slider, and several cameras on tripods were used to get the many many angles. Might be too many, LOL. There may be some further color correction and edits to the video in the coming weeks, but for now here's a quick look at a simple and fun project these guys worked on in the studio. More of Michelle Martinez can be found over at her YouTube Channel.

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Craig - If you're considering the 1x1 those are a pretty hefty price. I'm curious if just 9 Z96 LED's stacked together wouldn't suffice. That would be much cheaper and can be broken down fairly small, and also can be powered via batteries.

  2. Hey man-- you've been a huge help-- i rigged up a DIY infinite white set up from your links, working well.

    I need to make a real decision, asap-- on what lights I need to carry for fly dates coming up soon in DEcember. I'm doing a series of instudio ( recording studio) with musicians, and I need at least a baseline "good lighting " look.
    this is my first try: https://vimeo.com/14961489 shot with traditional stage lighting that we had.. I've since rented soft boxes and such-- and bought the 96 led lights you reviewed ( not powerful enough to do the bulk of the lighting but good in a pinch)
    So, what I need is something I can do the 3 point lighting thing,must be airline friendly (weight/tough) and be able to do a similar or better job than the above.
    I'm thinking Litepanels 1x1, but REALLY don't wanna spend that kinda $$ if something else would work.
    Any thoughts on what you would carry in my position? keeping it as SMALL AND PORTABLE but efficient as possible?
    thanks for your work man!
    Anyone else, please chime in! I'm an audio guy.. new to vid. shooting on 7d.

  3. Emm

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    @JP- the barndoors don't fall off. I've seen that on some light kits. The Flags sometimes get loose and want to swing down. Just gotta tighten them up. If they are using softboxes, no problem. Softboxes never fall off.

  4. Emm

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    @Mike, we wanted to use all the same type of lighting so that we can balance for the color. These are very yellow and we had more than 3 setup. We actually had 6 of these 800w lights setup. I would love to own 6 LED's but that's getting pricey. So main reason, is that they are cheap and we can use several of them. LOL.

  5. Mike

    Emm: just curious re: what the deciding factors are when you go w/ these lights over your LEDs during a studio shoot.

    Also, I just re-read your post on light panels and am thinking about a set of three dimmable 500 watt LEDs for $760 at Amazon (https://tinyurl.com/2aows8t
    ). Are these similar to what you have? I'd be using them for interviews.

    Thanks for all the good info.

  6. JayDee

    The high number of camera angles only bother me only when the angles between cuts are too similar, giving the impression of jump cuts. That's bad editing. And this video is a good example of that. Editing means choosing the best angles, not keeping EVERY angle. A bit overdone. But that can be saved in the edit...


  7. JP.

    Also, you haven't had any issues with them running hot and the barn doors popping off or anything like that? Things like that worry me with cheaper kits

  8. JP.

    Thanks for the advice, Emm.

    I think I'll talk with my DP and see what he thinks. The CC shouldn't be an issue, I planned on picking up some filters/diffusers/etc for him to use.
    Also will be altering to a high contrast black and white in post.
    I'll be shooting on the HVX200a with Brevis 35mm adapter too, and being as how light hungry that total rig is ... I'm trying to be careful on what I choose :/
    but thanks again!

  9. Emm

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    There's no doubt the Lowel is just an overall better quality light, but the cost is higher too. For me I believe more smaller lights are better than 1 super powerful light, but that also means more gear to travel with. For homes though, these lights closer to tungsten, so if you're mixing with daylight, you'll need to filter them with some CC's.

  10. JP.

    @ Emm

    I was looking at the Lowel DV Creator 1 Kit, 1550 watt with 3 lights.
    Most of the areas I'm shooting in are pretty small ... typical household rooms in a countryside home. Mostly in the bedroom and kitchen.

    And of course I have about a dozen clamp lights with photo floods/natural color bulbs.

  11. Neil

    It's not necessarily the number of cuts/angles that's the problem in my opinion but what multiple simultaneous angles does in compromising the lighting. This looks a little flat to me and the lighting doesn't really compliment the artist.

    Either a better make-up artist was needed or a soft fx filter should have been used to smooth out her complexion in some of the less than flattering close-ups.

    For the purposes of showing your studio set-up this was interesting though so thanks for that 🙂

  12. Emm

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    @JP - not sure how bright those one you are looking at, these are ok to light a small area with three point if you wanted to.

  13. Serge

    Beautiful, those lights work awesome!
    like one other member said on Vimeo too many short transitional cuts, made me too feel like I was reseting my attention every few seconds, but still looks super good!

  14. JP.

    Would you recommend this kit for a short film shoot? My budget just got blown to peaces by some real life issues and can't afford the Lowell $765 set I was looking at, I need to cut corners where I can. Thanks!

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