Manfrotto New MVH500AH MVH500A Video Fluid Head

This year at NAB 2013, Manfrotto announced the new MVH500AH Video Fluid Head which sits as an entry level product in their Bridging Technology line of Video heads. The new video head may be the most affordable Video Head that uses actual ball bearings and fluid cartridges to provide smooth pan / tilt operation. One small change i'm excited to see is the ability to drop in the quick release plate (instead of sliding). This makes it easier when working with video rigs instead of leaving additional clearance required for sliding quick release systems.

In my video I mention that it may only be available with a standard flat base mount, but I stand corrected. The MVH500AH will also be available as the MVH500A which will be a 60mm half bowl fluid head (found here).

MVH500A Fluid Head 60mm Half BallManfrotto Fluid Head MVH500A
find-price-button Manfrotto MVH500A 60mm Half Ball Fluid Head

The MVH500A & MVH500AH Video Fluid Heads will be available separately (Head Only), bundled with a 755 Half Ball Video Tripod (carbon fiber or aluminum), and even available with a Fluid Foot Video Monopod (replacing the popular 561BHDV). Check out the new MVH500AH Video Fluid Head following the links below.

IMG_310567Manfrotto 500 Fluid HeadManfrotto Bridging Technology Fluid Head
find-price-button Manfrotto MVH500AH Video Fluid Head, Tripod, Monopod - Amazon

Manfrotto 755 Aluminum TripodManfrotto 755 Carbon Fiber
find-price-button Manfrotto MVH500AH Video Fluid Head, Tripod, Monopod - B&HPhotoVideo

44 thoughts on “Manfrotto New MVH500AH MVH500A Video Fluid Head

  1. I mistakenly bought the MVH500A to go with a 190 series tripod (MT190XPRO4) so can confirm that photographic tripods will need the flat base. The MVH500A has a male 3/8" connector inside the leg of the half bowl so won't attach to the tripod, which is also a standard 3/8" male connector.

    The drag on the head was surprisingly stiff so I'm hoping the right one loosens up a bit with use!

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Gary - Maybe this video will help: httpss://

  3. Gary


    I have a Monfrotto Monopod 561 BHDV with the 701HDV head and I know it was just replaced by the 500. If I buy the MVH500AH head for a slider can I use the same plat as my 701HDV on this new head?

  4. rudey

    hey guys I wanted to know if we can attatch the mnanfretto 60mm half bowl manfretto tripod head shown above to a 75mm bowl crane ?

  5. Justin

    Hey Emm,

    I'm looking at throwing the MVH500AH on the Davis and Sanford ProvistaGR18 legs. Has anyone heard of this being done? I like the height and bowl that these legs offer in comparison to something like the 190XPROB. If not, do you have any suggestions of a sub $300 setup that isn't the WF717?


  6. john

    Emm or anyone else,

    Getting the 502a and was wondering if it would be possible to separate the head to accommodate a slider. Basically have the slider on the bowl part and the head on top.

  7. hannahbannana

    I have a Manfrotto 190CXPRO 3-Stage tripod.. which of these heads would you recommend? pls help!!

  8. Mike C

    Vincent, if you could trade it for the 500AH, you could always get a 75mm halfball adapter to use with a set of legs that require a bowl mount. Easier to adapt a flatbase than a 500A bowl base.

    Having just received my 500AH, I can confirm that the plate that comes with the 500AH fits in a Manfrotto 577 QR adapter without any problems. The 501pl plate from the 577 QR adapter also works with the 500AH head with no problems.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Vincent - There are adapters out there, but it wouldn't be practical. It would be better to return it or get a new set of proper legs to fit.

  10. Vincent

    Do you know if we can easily remove the 60mm half ball out of the MVH500A. My wife bought one as a gift for father day and my tripod is the flat base. Wondering if I can easily turn it into the MVH500AH.


  11. Emm

    Post author

    @svem - If you can get over the weird ergonomics of the 502HD, having the variable friction is pretty handy. The 502HD can also hold a larger payload.

  12. I've been looking for months, at first I waited for the Sachtler Ace L and right before it was available (months late) I was told by guys at a rental house that the ACE tripods were breaking. I was talked into the FSB-8 which I want and I'm looking for a used one unless I can find something similar... Thanks again.

  13. Has anyone here compared the Sachtler Ace L with the MVH500AH? What's the best tripod in the $1,000 range that is light and at least 67"? Thanks in advance!

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Granite - The head will support the K2 slider very well, but it also depends how much weight you are loading up when it reaches the end of the slider. The head does not have the variable friction features of the more expensive heads, but it is very fluid with it's fixed drag.

  15. Sheldon

    @Emm- Manfrotto is running a rebate sale, and I want to try out these new 500 systems. Which set of legs do you like better (MVT502AM Telescopic Twin Legs OR 755XB MDeVe Aluminum Legs)??? I would use these systems with dslr+a few accessories, during events.

  16. @Emm: Thanks for clarifying and posting the follow-up video. Still wondering, though, whether the dimensions of the head are identical to the 701HDV (as it's a tight fight in my Manfrotto Agile VII compartment, just barely enough for the 701HDV -- and I think I can justify replacing that with this new model because the vertical panning was always relatively poor on the 701HDV).

  17. Alex

    Can someone please confirm that this head will work with Manfrotto 701hd plate and the Calumet's option -

    I have 3 Calumet Quickrelease plates and 701hd as well and really need to know if these plates will be compatible with the new one...

    I watched the video many times, but at the end I'm not sure what he really means... Thanks!

  18. Mike C

    Another key element from the new 500 head is the ability to mount accessories without any sort of wonky adapter from the other systems.

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul - I tried it with my 501 plate from a 701HDV and from the 502 and it worked. If you watch the video again, he does state that the 501 plate will work on the 500 head, and towards the end he states that the 504 Plate will not work. I will perform the test again tomorrow and maybe show on video.

  20. Anyone know if this is exactly the same size as the 701HDV? That's a determining factor for me (and many others).

  21. I would NOT recommend the simplus plate.
    It has NO lock. I closed the lever tight and moments later it dropped my camera onto some concrete.
    After MONTHS of hardly no communication from Cinevate. They just replaced the simplus plate with a new one that I also could not trust to ever hold my gear again.

  22. Emm

    Post author

    @Dean - It is the same Monopod. Here's something interesting though. I got some information about the 561BHDV, and it was not originally set to tilt which is why it 'pops', but you can allow smooth movements by just unscrewing the little allen bolts above the ball socket about a half turn. This will eliminate the pop. I have to try this out, but that's coming straight from Manfrotto.

  23. Dean

    Emm -

    Is the monopod combo the same as the one that came w/ the 561BHDV?

    Or pod is new & improved without the clicking/jerking?

  24. Emm

    Post author

    @joel - I think they are starting to understand the needs and hopefully might be coming out with their own MVH500 quick release base or we'll start to see others making more options.

  25. joel

    Emm - the question I have is why doesn't Manfrotto make a 501 compatible drop in QR baseplate -- at a lower price than Cinevate? Not to complain about pricing, but it would easy to sink $1k into these baseplates due to multiple rigs and tripod set ups the average shooter has.

    The drop-in type (in many scenarios) is a more effective mount than the slide in with the sometimes difficult to get to side tightening bolt.

  26. Peter

    I have 501, 504 and 054 Manfrotto heads. I wish they invented the drop in plate system before I invested in all these heads. I used to use the RC2 plates before I switched over to the Q2 plates and I really liked those plates. This new system seems like the best of both worlds.

  27. Soulhuntre

    It will be interesting to see how this drop in holds up. Over the last 6 months I have begun using the Kessler Quick Release system (an amazing clamp / plate setup) but it is no doubt expensive.

  28. ZJ

    I got my 502 not long ago, and as with Neffi, position of knobs are just stupid.

    I do see a flaw with the 500, pretty much unable to adjust the balance of the setup quickly because it is now a drop-in system rather than a slide-in.

  29. Emm

    Post author

    @Neffi - For small cameras, this new one is better than a 701HDV, but for larger cameras the 504HD is still the better head. The 502 is just weird. The specs on this new 500 head for both Pan & Tilt are listed as 'fixed drag'.

  30. I would really like to see how/if you can change the pan and tilt strength as you can on the 502.

    I have both the MVH502AH and 504HD and I hate the 502 for the same reasons you mentioned above. It is just stupid and I would always recomend the 504HD over the 502, even for the extra cost..

  31. Emm

    Post author

    @scottrellwi - Yup, it seems this is more of a hybrid between the 701HDV and the 502 with bridging tech. It does not the same variable drag as the more expensive heads, but the guts have been improved.

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