Canon EOS-M Price Drop – Makes Sense

I wasn't a big fan of the Canon EOS-M mirror-less mainly because it was announced at an $800 dollar price tag. It almost seemed like they were trying to target the more serious photographer. With all the other mirrorless systems available on the market (Sony/Olympus/Panasonic/Fuji/Samsung), the $800 dollar price tag was just too hard to swallow. Needless to say it didn't succeed, and recently there's been a price drop down to $599 which I think is still a bit too high.

Today, there's a daily deal which lists the EOS-M for just $399 with an 18-55mm STM IS Lens (that's cheaper than a Canon point and shoot camera). $399 is probably the price they should have first released this at, and you can check out that current deal via eBay (Click Here)

Canon EOS-M Mirrorless 18-55mm
find-price-button Canon EOS-M with 18-55mm STM IS Lens

8 thoughts on “Canon EOS-M Price Drop – Makes Sense

  1. john

    Just my 2 cents:
    I played with this a few months back (was a friend), and I thought the AF was really bad. It just wouldn't lock like you would expect. I also didn't like using the screen to access menus.
    I wished they implemented smart phone like shortcuts (ie; swipe down from top to toggle things on and off). Would be great to swipe from the top/bottom/left/right to access shortcuts.

    When I recently googled it again, I saw this:
    [Back in Feb, still no firmware to fix AF problem]

    Good luck to those who do buy this, magic lantern does have an alpha:
    [Not sure how far they can take it though, not sure if there is continued development as of April 2013]

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Henry - Haha, yeah for the price I did not have the patience for the camera. It just totally didn't make any sense when someone could pay the same price for a Sony NEX. Under $400 is a better price which makes it even cheaper than a Canon G15.

  3. Henry

    Every time I see an EOS-M, I'm reminded of the Re-boxing video you did. It was an internet 1st, LOL.

  4. David

    Yeah canon's original price was just stupid. Afterall it put the camera up against the rebel or for slightly more a 60D. Add the EF adapter and it was more than a 60D. Also they have released just two EOS-M lenses so far that I know, which makes the adpater a requirement if you want more lenses options. Major fail all around from canon if you ask me.

  5. MN

    I'd argue that this $400 camera with good lenses can create an image better than what you would have seen with a print/screening of one of Kubrick's 60's movies.

    It's not the tech though, it's the talent to do something with it.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Ryan - Everyone hates the price, but at about $500 LESS than original retail it's better than a simple point and shoot camera. I wouldn't use heavy EF lenses with an adapter on this body, but they have small pancake lenses that will keep it pocketable. It shares the same sensor as the T4i I believe.

  7. Ryan

    But in everyone's opinion, is this still worth it even at $399?

    Especially for video. I'm not talking Kubrick-esque cinematography here. Just grabbing footage at gatherings, out with friends, etc.

    seems like everyone hates on this thing. ha.

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