Manfrotto Compatible Quick Release Adapter

Serious note here. Last time I posted this article about a compatible Manfrotto Quick Release adapter on the cheap, it sold out around the world. Yes this includes Europe as well. The hype died down when prices went upwards and the item was rarely in stock. You can say that the stars are aligned once again, because not only are they listed as 'in stock', but there's also a nice little discount going on too making it a great buy again. Perfect to stay compatible with your Manfrotto tripods, these QR adapters are great for your new Jibs/Cranes, Sliders, Steadicams, etc. Before they run out of stock again (I'm positive they will be out of stock again), you might want to check out the current price and inventory (below).

find-price-button Quick Release Adapter + Plate (not Manfrotto branded)

If you're just in need of the plate itself, they have that available too (again not stating Manfrotto Compatible)
find-price-button Sliding Plate (not Manfrotto branded)

30 thoughts on “Manfrotto Compatible Quick Release Adapter

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Anmol Mishra - You can pull the knob out and then reposition it. It is spring loaded. But if you still don't have enough room to swing the knob you can add washers under the QR base. This will raise it up a bit.

  2. Anmol Mishra

    Do you think the Manfrotto 501 QR Adapter will work on flat surface ? I dont know if the tightening pin goes down or up.
    I have a large flat surface with no recess.

  3. Ryan Butt

    can you make a LIST of all the Heads compatible with 501PL plates? because 9 inch 501 plate from smallrig is awesome, and e-image tripod heads too, but too bad they are not compatible with 501 heads .

  4. Yawhann Chong

    I just invested in a Manfrotto 502HD video head and SYMPLA system. The QR plate is a 502PLONG.

    Does anybody know if this would be compatible or if there's a compatible one? I really want the Merlin 2, so that would be really cool to QR my camera across all three platforms.

  5. tim morris

    @EMM...Thanks....just found out yesterday that the calumet quick relase fits the S4 video head but it does not fit the weildy stedicam (screaming!!!!) Are you familiar with any other relase plates that fit benro S4 video head. I may have to take the weildy plate to a carpenter and cut off some of the metal where turn the screw to release the plate.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @alex18 - You're commenting almost 10 months after this article was posted. If you were current when the article was posted, it was very very cheap. They often have sales or discounts when I post articles and best bet is to follow my Twitter or keep reading the blog.

  7. alex18

    amazon has the Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adapter w/Sliding Mounting Plate for $55, this knockoff comes out to $43 shipped

  8. Yes, I just ordered one of the 717-compatible QR systems. My plan is to use it to put a DSLR rig onto the hands-free kit from Juiced Link, then be able to move the whole thing to either a tripod or slider I have set up with WF-717AH fluid heads.
    Will let you guys know if there are any compatibility issues, but it looks like a good system for a reasonable price.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul - Yes you did miss something. When on sale, even with shipping, it came out to about $20 dollars less than Manfrotto's. You basically missed the sale.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @sfbay.jon - LOL. It's still the best deal out so far. I think you can find it available.

  11. JeffK

    So I called Manfrotto today and talked to a tech. He confirmed the quick release plates in their 577 part number will slide into the 504hd head. Since this off brand system is a 577 replica, these should work in the 504hd head. This is super awesome since manfrotto charges 70+ for just the plate to the 504hd. I'm a happy camper, thanks Emm!

  12. SkunkWorks

    Man, I'm so confused. I want to have the same system on all my gear as well.

    I've got an old Manfrotto 501 fluid head that takes the 501PL plate, a Fancier 717 that has it's own proprietary plate and a Manfrotto 234RC monopod head I sometimes use up on my jib that uses the 200PL plate that is also used in their 323RC quick release system. It really is a cluster @#$% to swap my T2i among my home made rods & clamps, slider, tripod, jib and shoulder mount.

    I was just about to order a bunch of Manfrotto 323RC's from Adorama off ebay but since they've ignored my repeated inquiries on a shipping quote to Canada this gives me a bit more time to think about this, especially since all I really want for any given QR system is the bottom base plates, and I'll be paying through the nose for a bunch of parts I don't need or want since the 2 part systems for any manufacturer's system can't be separated (well, actually that's not entirely true... you can usually get just the camera plate but not just the base it goes into). The Manfrotto 577 system that I could use my 501PL plates with would be even more expensive than the 323RC system and again I'd end up with and be paying for a bunch of top plates I don't need... I only have ome camera and it just needs one permanent plate.

    I was just looking at my Fancier 717 fluid head and I see the plate mounting system bolts to the head with 4 bolts, one in each corner. I'd love to be able to get my hands on a bunch of those plate bases. You can buy the replacement plates themselves (dirt cheap) but that's not the part I want... I want the piece it slides into. I'd grab a whole bunch of those if I could and make all my gear a Fancier/Weifang system.


  13. JeffK

    Do these plates work with the Manfrotto 504HD head? I know the plates are longer that come with it, but does it still slide in and lock down???

  14. Cam

    Emm you are the man. I ordered 3 of these last week because of your post a few months back. I was very happy to see them back in stock! Keep up the great work on the site, even though it keeps emptying my pockets.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Martin - Unfortunately they don't have one available. Some people who really need this place this QR adapter on top of the 717.

  16. Luke

    Ordered 4! Thanks for the link, I almost bought some for $50 the other day, so this is great savings. Wish I would have had the SUMMER coupon!

  17. I just received a KesslerCrane KC-Lite few days ago.
    And I have a problem attaching it to my Manfrotto 501 video head.
    Plate is just to short (space where you put screws ing), holes on KC-Lite are too far apart.

    I found "Manfrotto 501PLONG", any other ideas?

    I hoped this Calumet plate would fix my problem (and you posted about it again 🙂 ) but it looks like they are exactly the same.

  18. Joshua

    I just ordered a couple of these yesterday. Should be in tomorrow, and I can't wait! I'm sick of swapping out plates all the time!

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