Mail Bag Monday – 32GB SDHC Class 10


These came in just a day late. Luckily I had a few SDHC cards in my Canon SX210 IS and Zoom H4n to fall back on. I was hoping these would arrive for the Music video shoot on the Canon 60D's, but we managed. So I haven't really tested these out yet, but i'll be shooting more fun stuff later this week to see the performance.

6 thoughts on “Mail Bag Monday – 32GB SDHC Class 10

  1. Paul

    I use one of these cards in my 60d when we shoot commercials, only problem with huge cards like this for video is every once in a while the buffer gets lost and the camera will automatically stop. I've maybe had it happen 4-5 times, and I've probably been on 20-25 shoots. I prefer 8gb and 16gb cards for video because they seem to be more consistent, and if you are filming an event I think its a better idea to stick with the sandisk extreme because they've got so much head room.

  2. Jason

    That's strange that it's faster on your USB 3.0 port...

    It shouldnt matter if its 2 or 3 - USB 2 provides up to 60 MB/s (480mbps)
    more than enough for the transcends..

    I bet your USB 3 ports are connected directly to the PCI-Express bus..could be the reason for the increased speed..

  3. Jason

    Very untrue. I have two 16GB versions of these exact same cards. My tests show an average of 16-18 MB/s - I've hit 20 regularly - both reading and writing.

    I <3 my transcends 🙂

  4. Emm

    Post author

    That's a false claim. There are numerous websites that have tested it against Sandisk. Sandisk is always the clear winner, but the Transcends can reach speeds of up to 18MB/s. It only needs to sustain a minimum of 10 MB/s to be rated a Class 10. If the minimum is 6 MB/s then it would be a Class 6.

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