LP-E6 Aftermarket Batteries

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I'm pretty happy Canon continued to support the LP-E6 battery with many of their camera models. It helps to be able to keep things uniform. I've had about 6 aftermarket LP-E6 batteries that i've been using for my Canon 5D Mark II & 7D shown in this video here: http://cheesycam.com/canon-5d-mark-ii-7d-cheap-china-batteries/. I'm a big fan of these batteries and have used them for quite a while without a hiccup. The problem was that when these were first released, they didn't have the option to show battery life on the camera due to a special information chip. It's about time I grabbed some additional batteries and if i'm not mistaken the new Canon 60D on order will also be using the LP-E6 battery type. Now that i'm in the market for some extra batteries, these newer LP-E6 aftermarket batteries are already chipped properly to show battery life with the Canon DSLR's. Here's the link to the proper LP-E6 aftermarket batteries that should read proper battery life with your Canon DSLR's. Canon 5D Mark II & 7D batteries chipped to show Battery Life.

Opteka has been a fairly reliable name in the DSLR community providing cheap alternatives, so if you're an Amazon shopper here's a chipped Opteka LP-E6 2400mAh Ultra High Capacity Li-ion Battery Pack for the Canon EOS 7D & 5D Mark II Digital SLR Camera (Fully Compatible)

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  1. Eugene

    I bought 3 of these from Amazon. Rated at 2400Mah but only charging to 1500Mah (after 4-5 cycles). Canon battery on the other hand is 1825Mah using Maha MH-C777Plus2 charger.
    For the price is not too bad but why do they have to cheat and lie to sell these?

  2. Emm

    Post author

    Sorry to hear about aftermarket battery experience. Have you ever your aftermarket with the OEM canon charger? That will definitely kill it. I've had my set in both 5D M2 and 7D for a long long long time, and as long as I don't use the OEM charger, they still work great.

  3. I'd like to hear some practical field reviews of these Opteka brand chipped batteries. I've been using some unchipped eBay LP-E6 replacements and they are utter trash. Besides the unchipped aspect, they hold charge for less than 48 hours, and are very unreliable. One of the batteries only held a charge for about 2 months of use, and now holds about 15 minutes of charge. I throw it in a battery grip with another longer-lasting sibling so I can use it at all, but I've basically sworn off non-OEM LP-E6 batteries.

    That said, I used to use an Opteka replacement battery for my 40D and it lasted longer than the Canon one, was cheaper, etc. Thus, I'm watching these closely. Amazon reviews are too poor to spend another chunk of change on a gamble, though.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    If they have the chip then they should be able to charge with the standard Canon charger. (that's from what i've read before).

  5. Emm

    Post author

    From what i've read, the Canon batteries are chipped to communicate and should not be charged with other chargers. They really stress on their website 'practically every', so that makes we weary.

  6. So do are these batteries incompatible with the standard Canon chargers? The Amazon comments aren't very positive... 3 people give it 5 stars and 4 give it just 1... because it didn't work for them by the sound of it.

  7. Hey guys, the optekas are amazing, no complaints. They last longer than the OEM batteries. was shooting the sunset with them, worked well.

  8. I just got a Power2000 battery yesterday from Amazon Power2000 LP-E6 Replacement Lithium-Ion Battery for Canon EOS 5D Mark II & 7D Digital Cameras. The description on Amazon doesn't say whether or not it is chipped, but it seems to be as it didn't come with it's own charger and I didn't see a message when inserting it into the camera. I'm testing it out now to determine how well it performs. I will try to post a follow up with more details, including a review on the Amazon product page since the description seems to be lacking.

    The Power2000 sells for $24.75, so it's basically the same price as the battery you featured on this article. The packaging seems to be a little more professional.

  9. Michael Herzog

    It's one thing I tell everybody to buy Canon. When my HV20 breaks down, I can very very often just borrow their batteries and also use their battery loaders. 😀

  10. Bought two of the optekas a few days back, waiting for its arrival today, will give you the low down on performance etc

    been thinking of powering my cam with a lead-acid battery and wiring it up. would extend battery life at least 5-fold.

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