Lilliput New 5″ HDMI LCD

Lilliput 569H 569GL

Thanks to Ruben for this new piece of information. Looks like Lilliput wants to play in the 5" HDMI LCD market. With cameras looking to compete in the 'smaller' form factor, i'm sure we'll be seeing more and more in the 5" range. I guess a 7" LCD monitor might look a bit crazy on the new Sony NEX or Panasonic GF3's coming around the corner.

Lilliput 5" LCD

The new Lilliput 5" monitor(s) go by 569H or 569GL and are compatible with the typical Sony / Panasonic batteries. It can be powered via external DC, 1/4x20 threaded inserts on both sides and bottom, come with a sunshade, Hotshoe Mount Ball, a resolution of 800x480, headphone monitoring out, and also have HDMI input (optional HDMI output / pass through). This is a new series of monitors not yet released and pre-orders are listed below.

Screen shot 2011-06-07 at 7.56.16 AM
find-price-button Lilliput 5" LCD HMDI Monitor 569GL

Of course if shaving off 2" isn't an important thing for you, there doesn't seem to be much difference in features over the very similar 7" versions (which are cheaper). The 7" version doesn't have the Sony/Panasonic battery adapters, but outside of that they might be similar. You might want to give those a peek as a refresher: [Thanks Ruben]

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  1. Dole

    Hello! I am looking on how to access the service menu on this monitor to enable the DVI mode.. Anyone knows how to do this? I was told I had to long-press a combo of buttons..

    The reason why I wanna do this is so I don't have that annoying blink when I switch between playback and liveview modes.. I don't know if it will eliminate the problem but I want to try! I own a 7D so no blinking while hitting record.

    Thanks in advance!!!

  2. Freddy

    I am looking for the best monitor for my dollars. My budget max is around $170. But I can possibly go higher if it makes sense.


  3. I'm a little ignorant when it comes to electronics. I want to have a remotely mounted screen off of my camcorder so that I can view exactly what I am filming without seeing the camera. The camera that I am looking at has HDMI output, and AV/R output. I would like the camera to also be able to zoom, and stop/ record remotely. What would be the best way to set this up?

  4. I just got this monitor the other day. Haven't had too much time to play, just a little. I chose this over the 7" because I had seen reviews on youtube with 7" monitors and they looked just too big on a rig, which is mainly what I intend to use it for. Seeing video in sunlight is the main reason I got it. I also have a 3X loupe but my rig is a cheap rig and there is no offset so the camera is basically in front of my shoulder, not my face. The rig I have will allow me to put this monitor right in front of my eyes and not be too big that I can still see over/around it. I have not tried it to obtain critical focus yet. Like I said, just a little playing around. Hope in the next few days, I can check everything out and even do a review on youtube.

  5. Dear all,
    I have a Canon 7D, now intend to buy this 5" LCD to film sometimes - is it OK to work with 7D on real time basis (I mean response time delay almost to zero?)
    Anyone experienced this with the 7D, pls help! Thaks a lot

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  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Rik - I'm sure the colors would be better than what you're using now, but not as good as the high end monitors. For something around 5" you would have to go for the SmallHD DP6. If you wait a while, a cheaper DP4 will be available soon.

  8. Rik

    Will this monitor be good enough to set the colors and/or exposure on? I'm looking for a cheap monitor in the 5" region.. I'm using a cheap ass 4.3" rear view monitor from ebay right now, but I would really like a monitor on wich I could set the colors / exposure (the cheap ebay one is really not suitable for that)

  9. The 5" is a great monitor !

    The image stretches out over the entire screen (black bars on top and bottom, but uses the full width of the screen).

    Screen looks very crisp and sharp.

    You can change the colour temperature of the screen (3 presets and your own custom setting) and there's 2 rotary knobs on the front that you can assign to different functions in the menu. From brightness to sharpness to volume, red, green and blue values.

    Mine came with the sunhood and a Sony battery plate.

    Ordered it through ebay (seller rcmachines). Took 10 days to get here.

    I've worked with the small TV Logic monitor before, this one looks very good compared to the TV Logic one. Focusing is a breeze (despite it not being Full HD).

    As with all Canon DSLR's (except the 7D and 1D) the screen blacks out for a few seconds when pressing record. BUT the image is still full screen when recording (unlike on my more expensive Marshall LCD).

    About to pack and sell my Marshall, this 5" Lilliput is a great little monitor and the quality exceeds the price.

    Highly recommended.

  10. J Toha

    @Sebastian - Thanks for providing the math. Though I was imagining a 5" vs 3" more from layman's eyes. If indeed the resolution remains the same at 800x600 in output, then it's just down to portability factor, I guess.

  11. Sebastian

    Which means almost 3 times as big area as the camera's built-in screen.

    (A 200 % increase would be 3x.)

  12. Sebastian

    @J Toha, a ~70 % increase in diagonal length (from 3" to 5") equates to ~180 % increase in area.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Kyler - Honestly I don't know of any Lilliput monitor that is outputting at full HD. They can all 'accept' 1080 signals, but output resolution is still 800x480. Be careful on some of those random sites, they make these claims. A reason I decided to go with SmallHD's DP6.

  14. shotgun

    I just ordered one from the ebay who said he wasn't sold out yet and that it would "ship at once." We'll see.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Patrick P. - Thanks, looks like they are using their own custom battery plate for the Sony batteries. Looks good.

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Phill - No, they do not all scale full screen. You may still see black bars.

  17. Phil

    Hi all,

    Do these monitors scale up so the full screen is used a-la the SmallHD line?



  18. J Toha

    I don't know but is it only me who thinks that an increase of 2" over the Canon built-in LCD in DSLR isn't worth the additional $180+? If it's 7", then yes, it's twice the size and it might help with framing and focusing better.

    SmallHD DP6 has a much higher resolution despite its 5.6" size. But uhumm....yeah it's also 4-5x the price 😀

  19. Emm

    Post author

    @Austin - Both the 5" and 7" LCD would have 800x480 resolution. It looks pretty good at 5", and sometimes you don't need the larger piece of equipment. As long as the LCD can help you frame, expose, and focus, the smaller the better for some of us...

  20. Chris

    Hey Emm, since this is a 5" with 800x480 resolution do you think that the pixel density makes it more closer to a true HD monitor? If it were a 4" the pixel density would definitely make it easier to achieve critical focus.

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