LED Video Light Panels

Well they've been available for a while, and it seems like the shortage has been cleared up. More LED Video light panels are available again. Just noticed there are a few auctions thrown up starting at $0.01 US. Yeah that's a penny, but you need to account for the $20 dollar shipping. Never know what you can walk away with, if you're dying for an LED Video panel.

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  1. Seven

    Emm, have you heard of the CN-600HS? if so, what do you think of how they compare to the 500LED? What's the real consumption on the 500LED anyways? I would be really curious to know how they COMPARE in terms of light output and reach to some of the others in the industry

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Alksion - I have a set of 3 500 LED's that are on loan right now. It's been used in three big events already. I've asked the producer to provide me some video footage of his setup and examples of how it looks in post. Some big names are being interviewed with these lights, and it's been the perfect lighting solution for them traveling.

  3. Alksion

    Yeah I saw that, so do the 500 LED's give enough light to get the job done?

    I saw your video, but I just couldn't see it well enough.

    Hey thanks for reviewing that Opteka shoulder support, I bought that and the scuba 5lb weight and just attach my baseplate, rods ect to it, totally awesome.

  4. Emm

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    @Richard - I don't think they are newer designs. They have both designs available and one is cheaper than the other. Depends if you need the dimmer or not.

  5. Emm

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    @Alksion - The LED lights are a more portable solution and durable. There's a cheaper price showing up here:

  6. Alksion

    I want to buy them, but can't decide between these and florescent, I know the pros and cons of each but still am unsure.

    Any advice?

  7. Emm, do you notice horizontal lines in your footage when you use LED lights? I've noticed that some of my footage get these flickering black lines (as if you were filming a computer screen). Does this happen to anyone else?

  8. Richard

    the newer designs have a better adjustable dimmer via a knob rather than a few rocker switches and the newer ones can run off AC or DC, this opens up your options.

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