L’AIGLE (The Eagle) Stabilizer / Shoulder Support

Thanks to Pierre on Vimeo for sharing this bit of information. I believe the company is called L'AIGLE which if my French isn't too rusty means "The Eagle". Ok i'm lying, it's translated on their website and I double checked on Google Translate. LOL. This particular DSLR stabilizer is called the 'Titan'. The Titan goes from hand held stabilizer into a folded camera shoulder support. Looks pretty cool, and the website offers a bunch of different upgrades and options, with even more confusing price packages. I'm thinking it's going to run a pretty penny since they even threw in some very expensive words like Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Tungsten Carbide, and Aluminum.

From the video it looks like it's pretty quick to setup with a bunch of fine tuning options. Most of these methods to balance are very similar to the Steadicam Merlin stabilizer, including changing the size of the arc. Changing the arc on these types of stabilizers shifts the weight further from the Gimbal making it more bottom heavy without adding additional weights. Being able to adjust this minutely is key to getting perfect balance.


Instead of going for the vest, they've got a beefy waist belt that could be used for some interesting POV shots, JK!. If the belt works, it would be more comfortable to hide under a jacket, hmm..where did I see this before?


All in all it looks like a quality made stabilizer with lots of thought and design. I'm still going to say that it doesn't have the range and flexibility as the Glidecam HD stabilizers i'm using. For a few reasons, you can't rotate 360 degrees, run while tilting the stabilizer, and if you dare - flip it upside down! I flipped mine taking advantage of the Canon 60D articulating LCD screen. Very handy for Steadicam Stuff. If you think that all sounds like too much to ask, check out some of my ''amateur techniques'' (i'm no professional) with the Glidecam HD 4000 Product and Steadicam Merlin Vest.

[Thanks again Matt for letting me use the BTS footage]

15 thoughts on “L’AIGLE (The Eagle) Stabilizer / Shoulder Support

  1. JayDee

    Emm, I can't wait to see the completed video. It looks like it's gonna rock ! (but in a stable kind of way)

  2. Emm

    Post author

    I don't think the French one is as flexible as the Glidecam, and I use it mainly because I have adapted my vest for it. I'm getting old, bad back, bad knees, and need a vest for long shoots...LOL.

  3. Sounds awesome Emm! One more question for you - with all of your tests you still seem to use the hd4000/merlin vest combo - Is it still your favorite or have any others tempted you away? (including maybe this French one)

  4. Emm

    Post author

    Yes it's usable footage definitely. You become limited in the range of the handle when it's upside down, but the balance is pretty equal from top and bottom (normally just slightly more bottom heavy). I'll show you some clips when I get a hold of the footage.

  5. I was wondering about 'low mode' with the hd4000 - was what you did there 'usable' footage or should the balance all be reset to do it proper? I've gotta play with that!

    This one looks really interesting - especially that it's just a belt... could be the ultimate travel gear... tho it doesn't look like converting from steadi to shoulder mount is super fast?

  6. JScottRichard

    Looks like prices are $679 for the basics (no plate/belt/bag/support kit) to $1989 for the full package.

    Not as bad as I had imagined..

  7. Eric

    Great BTS footage! I have a question though. As you're moving around I noticed you never touch the focus. How are you keeping everything focused? Is it mostly through F-stop? I hope to upgrade my T1i to a 60D in the near future but always find myself with my hand on the focus as I move about.

  8. I remember checking out your footage on the camera used with the Glidecam HD and Steadycam Vest. All that rotation and flipping upside down looked really clean in the shot. You really were quite mobile when sprinting around. Glad we were able to catch you in action with it.

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