Kamerar’s DJI OSMO Extender Adapter Product Overview

Yesterday I received an early production model of the OSMO Extender Adapter from Kamerar. It's a pretty straight forward accessory that simply adds 30" inches of extension between your DJI OSMO handle and Camera Gimbal dji osmo camera gimbal.
But just in case you need to know more, here's a short video overview and just a few samples.

Having received this early production model, this means that the Kamerar OSMO Extender Adapter will start shipping in the next few days for those who have already pre-ordered. It also means final call if you're looking to take advantage of the 15% OFF discount pre-order pricing (found here).

Learn-More-sm Kamerar Extender Adapter for DJI OSMO


8 thoughts on “Kamerar’s DJI OSMO Extender Adapter Product Overview

  1. Brilliant review will be purchasing soon, can you send me a link to your handle grip you used I might also purchase as the one provided looks very basic, thank you

  2. Post author

    @Kyle - Whoa that's a pretty crazy idea. But I would have to say a bit dangerous as that might be putting too much stress on the connections. I don't know if that would work, but I don't suggest trying it.

  3. Kyle

    Do you think you could use two poles together? That would effectively extend your reach to 44" (plus the Osmo). I just don't know if the electronics and mounts would allow for two poles.

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