Epiphan Video 4K to USB Capture Record Live Stream Adapters HDMI SDI DVI VGA

Here's a look at the new Epiphan Video AV.iO 4K HDMI to USB Adapter that takes the Video Output from your cameras and allows you to input them to your Laptop or Computer. They also offer many other to capture video feeds from SD-SDI, HD-SDI, DVI, VGA, and more! These new adapters can input up to 4K Resolutions for which you can Capture, Record, or Stream.

Once you have your camera's Video Feed on your system you can choose to Record or Stream from your camera's video and audio directly to services such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and many other online services. This is a great way to use professional cameras and zoom lenses instead of using cheap webcams for your Live Stream. I use adapters like these to stream from my Multi Camera Live Switch Setup (seen here).

You can also take the feed from your cameras and use software like ScopeBox turning your Mac Laptop or iMac into professional a large screen Directors Monitor complete with Waveforms, Vectorscopes, RGB Parade, Histograms, Focus Peaking, Zebras, and more!

The Epiphan 4K Video AV.iO Adapters work over USB so no Thunderbolt ports needed (unlike some BlackMagic Design adapters), no drivers to install, and no software required for the adapter to be seen by many popular applications. There is also no configurations needed to set the proper resolution or framerate, most software such as just sees the device. Very Simple. Remember that this can take up to 4K resolutions (not just 1080).

epiphan video 4k hdmi to usb capture device card
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13 thoughts on “Epiphan Video 4K to USB Capture Record Live Stream Adapters HDMI SDI DVI VGA

  1. Apparently Quicktime is limited to 1080p. I am finding Scopebox to be quite unreliable on my machine, at least for recording, and not terribly clear on the configuration options for recording. (It does make for a cool monitor, so I might buy it for that!) I also couldn't get Scopebox to record 4K.

    I am going to take a look at using avconv under Linux (either dual-boot my MBP or use another laptop); OBS might be able to generate raw but there aren't good tips on the forums (seems to be focused on streaming, which makes sense. 😀 )

    I'll keep you in the loop if I come up with a good solution for recording 4K (raw or otherwise).

  2. Post author

    @Chris K. - I'm not sure about the GX8, but on the GH4 you have to disable 1080 and Auto. Then that will force 4K out on the GH4. From there you can also select between 8bit and 10bit output. Try each one to see if even 10 bit works.

  3. Emm, I picked this adapter up recently and am wondering what software you recommend for capturing 4k on a Mac? I am able to see my GX8's video in Quicktime and capture at 1080p but it doesn't seem to want to capture 4k. I haven't tried my GH4 with this yet, but I plan to soon, perhaps this is a GX8 limitation?

  4. (Finally got around to watching this, yeah I'm behind the times on some of your great vids.)

    I'm considering this for using my MBP as a monitor and a RAW recorder for film shoots. (Of course this means figuring out how to manage the MBP, maybe a clamp-on arm with a platform that I'd clamp onto a leg of my video tripod.)

    I'm curious if you have tried recording RAW 4k from this device; either to your internal MBP's drive or an external drive. I am thinking:

    GH4->AV.io->MBP 2015 Retina 13"->USB3 SSD external drive.

    (Wish there were fast SSD upgrade options for my MBP! I hover around 30GB free so I'd likely want to stick with recording RAW to an external drive. Or else I'd have to figure out how to free up a lot more space.)

    My concern is USB3 in from the AV.io + writing out to the SSD would be too much for the USB bus. (I haven't found definitive info on whether the two USB ports are distinctive busses and can do full bandwidth simultaneously or if they share the same bus internally and will saturate.)

    Also, C4K (4096x2160) at 24p? (My usual and constant concern.) It should have the bandwidth (which should be about the same as UHD 30p) but so many other recorders are limited to UHD.

  5. Post author

    @EBZ - Ok well are we still talking about Live Streaming out to the Internet? Or are you just trying to record the presentation that is going to the Projector? If you eliminate the streaming part, then one way would be to buy a basic splitter. Split the signal that is coming out of the computer to the projector. One will go directly to the projector and the other signal can be recorded in many different ways.

    If you want to send the signal to another computer to record, then you can use one of these adapters. Or you can convert the signal (example Splitting a DVI to projector) to HDMI and then use a basic HDMI recorder like the BlackMagic Design Video Assist, or Atomos Ninja, Shogun, etc.

  6. EBZ

    Sorry if I wasn't clear - I meant like a situation where I come and film someone giving a presentation on a screen, I have a camera filming the speaker, but I also want a high resolution angle of the screen. Showing up and installing screen capture software on speaker's system in this situation is problematic, so looking for solutions for screen capture with some sort of plug in interface.

  7. Post author

    @EBZ - Sorry i'm not super clear about your question. If you want to stream the screen of your computer to the internet, you don't need this adapter. This is only for getting the video input from a video source. With the OBS Software you can just set up your Computer Screen as a Scene and stream directly to a Live Stream Service (FaceBook, YouTube, etc.).

    If you are asking to record your computer screen, you can also just do that from the computer itself with Screen Capture Software. Or on a MAC you can use Quicktime and do a Screen recording.

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