Just Maui’d

The Kaanapali Beach Club shot on GoPro HD

The Royal Lahaina Hotel in Kaanapali

Shot on Canon 5D (not Mark II)

First, I just want to apologize to all the readers about the lack of content on this website lately. Secondly, I just wanted to rub it in everyone's face that i'm in Hawaii enjoying the sunshine and tropical weather! Just kidding (partially), but really i've been a bit busy closing a deal in Maui and entertaining some guests. Yeah that's me with the ol' ball and chain...let's hope i'm still able to afford my camera hobbies. Anyways, i'm still on vacation giving everyone an update, but i'll be back to DIY'ing next week with some new things i've come to think about while out in Maui.

6 thoughts on “Just Maui’d

  1. WOW! Congrats! I wish I knew you were getting married! As a big fan of your DIY stuff, I would have been honored and offered you some incredible pricing on wedding photography!

    And even capture some video with my Merlin Arm + Vest with HD4000 hybrid 🙂

    Congrats with your Marriage. You should still be able to buy gear, as long as you tell the wifey that it makes money, and that it has a high resell value, and lastly, it makes you happy. OH yeah, and in some cases, this one works... it prevents injuries (ie, like getting arm and vest, I used this reason recently) 🙂


  2. Travis

    Congrats, man! Just wanted to say thanks for all the tips you provide. Wishing you a happy marriage!

  3. Nico

    keep up your great work!

    Best regards,

    Nico (a loyal blog reader from germany)

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