Introducing Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorder 10x Zoom

Lately, Canon's been criticized for being behind the times and late to the 4K compact camera game. Today they've introduced the Canon XC10 which looks like someone threw a Canon C100 in the dryer and shrunk it. Looking at the video below, you get the feeling that it's not really being pushed as a serious camera for professionals, and are sort of marketing this as a perfect 'B-Roll' camera Cinema EOS operators, or a gateway camera for DSLR stills shooters looking to get into 4K video.

At 4K the Canon CX10 can uses a completely new Canon Codec which they call XF-AVCS. This is an Intra Frame Compression, basically every frame has full video data and information. At 12 stops dynamic range and a high data rate, it's seems like a darn good camera, but in typical Canon fashion, it's limited by not having an interchangeable lens.

The 10x 8.9-89mm (27-270mm equivalent) F/2.8 - F/5.6 10x Zoom lens is fixed to the body. If you look at this as a true camcorder, a fixed lens is pretty standard. I think it would have been more revolutionary had they made this an ILC and threw in a basic kit lens for the starters.

xc10 image quality specs
canon xc10 framerates
find-price-button Canon XC-10 4K Camera

Even though this may not be a a professional camera system, it does require CFAST cards to shoot full 4K resolution (not compact flash). It's not very clear what CFAST rating is needed, but I can tell you this is a very expensive card. A basic 32GB Lexar CFAST card will run you about $180 dollars if you require 2.0 speeds. If all that is needed is 1.0, then the Atomos 128GB CFAST would be a better buy. Wouldn't it be great if they could just ouput the 4K from the sensor? From how they mention CFAST on video, I'm guessing they'll be limiting this feature too.

There does appear to be a Mic input and a Headphone Out port which is good news. But with a 1" sensor, fixed lens, and most likely no HDMI out to record to cheaper media, Canon doesn't seem to want to give it all up. Almost purposely crippling certain areas as to not cannibalize their higher end cameras. Sure, far from perfect, but if it's available for the rumored $2000-$2500 dollar pricepoint, this might be a Canon camera i'm interested in testing out. (I said testing out...)

Canon XC10 Camcorder 4K highlights features
find-price-button Canon XC-10 4K Camera


8 thoughts on “Introducing Canon XC10 4K Professional Camcorder 10x Zoom

  1. JJ

    Dumb thing about it, is it only writes 4k to the CF, while the SD card is for JPEG photos, and 1080p. (you can't write 1080p to the CF card). And another dumb move by Canon, this shoots JPEGs only, no RAW at all. Seriously no RAW ? what is this an entry P&S camera ?

  2. I'm not sure what they're smoking over at Canon. They release this camera and the price the c300 II at 16k when there are plenty of pro 4k cameras on the market. Don't they get the internet over there, read the trades, something....

  3. Rabby

    Why bother with this, it's a joke, and C300 MII (4k) is way out of price. I am going with BM URSA... and still none y left for good glasses.

  4. Jason

    Canon sucks. They are so clueless about delivering products that consumers want it's really unbelievable. Their Cinema line has prevented them from offering any type of value to video features for products under 16 grand. Sad really.

  5. Why not a changeable lens system like EOS M or EOS. Why not a super 35 sensor. Why is this consumer gear doing full on 4K when they released the C100 mk2 which has nothing.

    Not only is this a massive wasted opportunity for Canon to do something right, but its a huge slap in the face to current Cinema EOS owners.

    Releasing a crappy camera with good recording options is a kick in the nuts to C100 mk2 buyers, i think canon should be ashamed.

    Please tell Canon how offended people feel by this terrible Camera and what its confusion is telling current Canon customers.

  6. OldCorpse

    OK, just looking at this, the single best thing about this camera...? How small it is! The form factor is almost like a dslr, and so if you want to do some no-permit guerilla filming stealing shots and the like, well, this small relatively unobtrusive camera form factor is a definite plus. Of course, if everything else about it is subpar, why bother.

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