Interesting DSLR Rig w/ Follow Focus Hard Stops

Moving focus from point A to point B perfectly is a trick. A follow focus system with marking disc will help you pinpoint that, but then the dollars start adding up. The old Hose Clamp with a Bolt trick is the dirt cheap way to move a lens, but never seemed like a perfect solution.

How about adding that idea to a rig with hard stops? Here's an interesting rig someone is selling online with a DIY take on getting perfect focus points dialed in for that shot. Not a bad price online either, but a pretty cool idea which i'm sure someone else out there will be able to work with. This throws in some new ideas for that DIY follow focus you've been working on, doesn't it?

Found here:
find-price-button DSLR Rig with Follow Focus Hard Stops

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  1. I'd love to see people's various diy's. Living in a small apt in San Fran def has its disadvantages, project space for fabrications being one of them.

  2. This kind of thing could probably be done easily on any rig using one or two of those ebay friction arms.

    I'm itching to order a few of them because I can think of a billion uses for them but i've just bought another body so a bit short on cash at the mo.

    Just connect the arms to the rig and connect a little stick thing to your lens. 😀

    I'll make a video on it as soon as I get the arms.

    Yes, i'm working on a solution for that. I want my follow focus controls on my shoulder rig's arm right above the handle so I can keep both hands on the rig's handles and keep focus at the same time. 🙂

    We've come up with two ideas, 1: use a wire system. imagine something similar to a focus whip that connects to where ever you want on the rig and lets you focus the lens from there.
    (I can't find any materials to DIY the whip. it would need to be a pipe that bends but doesn't twist. if anyone's got ideas, do share. click my name above for my contact details.)

    OR 2: use a mechanical system with spinning rods/gears that extend down to where you want it.
    I've got half of it built and connected to my FF. looks like it will work well. I need to figure out the connections at the other side of the system and buy the parts for it. I will be posting a video about it when it's done so you can subscribe to my YT channel if you want updates on this and my other DIY stuff. ( I havn't got much DIY stuff on there at the moment but just yesterday we filmed the first four episodes of my new show The DIY Filmmaker. It's a daily show so very soon there will be a lot to see there.

    that video looks cool. i'll see if I can do something like that with the friction power arm or a normal 15mm rods handle.
    I think I can do it pretty easily. I'll post a video as soon as i've got some progress on it.


  3. Kevin Thompson

    Check out the zyliss brand Big Boy 1 jar opener as a focus lever. In the past when I have to use a lever, set the second point of focus, then attach the lever so that it points directly downwards - it makes it easier to hit the mark. You can also weight to the lever and dependent upon the stiffness of the focus ring, gravity will give you a smooth focus shift.

  4. Anyone have a diy to re-position follow focus controls to the front of a shoulder mount or fig rig?

    I'd love to see Darcy's idea adapted to something like the Express35 Run and Gun rig. I'd like to be able to keep both my hands on the grips (and an eye in my LCDVF) for stabilization, but also rack focus when needed. If a twist of the wrist while holding the grip would focus the lens, but the twisting motion was locked by default so you'd have to push a button to activate it (ala Canon's new on/off switch), I'd buy it yesterday.

    I'm pretty sure what I want can be done by mounting a wireless follow focus control near/on the grip of a rig, but wireless FF are not in the budget (and the cheaper ones are too noisy for my application.) Ideas?

  5. Darcy

    When I first saw the picture, I thought twisting one of the handle would move the two rods left and right, which would push the rod connected to the lens. Could someone PLEASE make that?

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