IndiSystem AIRsupport DSLR Video Rig Follow Focus

Light, rugged, versatile and that doesn't factor in the price or quality. A multi-position hand-held, shotgun-style/shoulder mount rig, with thumb controlled follow focus and durable No-Drop French Flag matte-box

12" Carbon fiber rods
Height adjustable camera block
Shoulder-mount/shot-gun brace
Front adjustable handles
Thumb controlled friction follow focus
Matte box w/ No-Drop French Flag(TM)

indisystem dslr video rigIndisystem-Airsupport
find-price-button Indisystem AIRsupport DSLR Video Rig with Follow Focus

2 thoughts on “IndiSystem AIRsupport DSLR Video Rig Follow Focus

  1. Feels cheap by looking at it? That's like me saying you look ignorant by reading your post. I own this rig and it does about 40-50 MMA events a year and holds up just fine. Don't bash gear you know nothing about to plug someone else.

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