Awesome LED lighting – Cheap

Update!! You Can Find the Popular 126 LED DSLR Video Light Kit Here!!

DLSR's are great with low light settings, but when possible, it's best to light your subject and bring that ISO noise down. LED lighting is now becoming mainstream with DSLR HD video cameras since it's lightweight and lasts longer. Problems are LED + Cameras = High Markup costs.

When searching for my LED Video Light, I had a few requirements. Broad diffusion, daylight temperature, tungsten filter, uses batteries that can be replaced, and most important DIMMABLE! I'm not a fan of rechargeable LED lights, because when you need it most, there's nothing you can do. With replacement batteries, you can quickly swap out batteries and keep shooting. You want to get an LED video light that is also Dimmable so you can keep it from blowing out your exposure.

After searching around for and LED light that has all of these features, now we're talking hundreds of dollars. Luckily, after searching around the web, YouTube brought me to the video above. Wow!! All the features that are most important for an LED light and under $70 dollars!

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE:: New update information for cheaper LED lights & faster Shipping!

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    With the Eneloops it can go for a few hours at least. I've never run them down, but mainly because I use very low settings. These things are super bright, you won't use them at full power. They will definitely run for a few hours. Since it uses batteries rather than built in rechargeable, its so easy to carry an extra set of AA's, which is why I went this route.

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    It's very decent and very powerful. If you're looking for some extra diffusion, there's plenty of power in the LED light to cover it up with a better diffuser. Say like a mini-softbox or beauty light.

  3. Jakob


    Seems INCREDIBlY cheap. I have been considering the Litepanel Micro Pro this is a steal.

    BUT what about that whining noise it makes, doesnt that bother you ?

    How difused is it, i shoot quite wide and if the light is not wide enough it off course looks odd. What are your experience with that ?

    Best wishes


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