Ikan Elements DSLR Rigs

Lately, Ikan has been putting more effort into expanding DSLR accessories, especially Camera Support Stabilizers. Here's a recent Demo video talking about more additions to their 'Elements' line of DSLR targeted stabilizers and their F3 friction follow focus system, which mounts 'every which way but loose' (old Clint Eastwood reference). You can find some of their configurations and accessories over at B&H: Ikan Elements DSLR Support Stabilizers

You can find more information about their Friction Follow Focus here: F3 Friction Follow Focus

Or you can follow Ikan at their WordPress blog where they'll be talking about some of their new products here: https://ikancorp.wordpress.com/

4 thoughts on “Ikan Elements DSLR Rigs

  1. I agree on price point, too high, feels overvalued to me. I just can't wrap my head around the concept of paying $200 plus dollars for a follow focus, that is still killing me.

  2. Randy

    These are nice products that I was initially looking at, but just too pricey for a non-professional like myself. If they could get the price down, I'm sure they'd be selling a lot more. The idea of volume sales.

    Instead, I went with a DIY shoulder rig I saw here. I bought the plug wire clamps,carbon fiber rods, and bicycle handlebar grips. Now I just have to spend some time measuring, cutting, and putting it together. I can't wait till it's finished.

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