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Ikan's really pumping out some accessories for DSLR's and they are now following up with a Gearless Follow Focus a.k.a 'Friction Based'. Traditional 'Geared' FF systems will get you dead on, but there's a drawback on the time it might take to setup the gears on the lenses. (Unless you're a sponsored film maker, you'll probably just go out and grab an unlimited amount of gears for every lens you own.)

Well I guess technically this Ikan is not completely 'gearless', unlike the completely 'Gearless' follow focus from IDCPhotography, the Ikan unit uses an angled geared transmission. The IDCPhotography unit looks pretty good and and doesn't mount like traditional Rod Based FF gear. It does appear that direct drive without gear ratios might be limited and uncomfortable with longer focus pulls. Don't quote me on that, it's just my perception and I haven't used an IDCPhotography Follow Focus.

The Ikan Follow focus system also comes in super cheap, in fact, this IKan is possibly the Cheapest Friction Based Follow Focus on the retail market today. The Ikan seems to have the best of both worlds offering a Friction Based Follow Focus + Ergonomic angled transmission for comfortable long focus pulls, but note you'll still need a rod rig to mount. Note that friction based FF systems may only work well on newer Lenses with smooth focus rings, and might not be a good idea on older FD Manual lenses. Who knows, until we can actually test these things out. Hopefully Ikan is listening and will send one out for review...hint hint..nudge nudge..

3 thoughts on “ikan DSLR Gearless Follow Focus

  1. jason

    This is way different than the indiZOOMfocus. With the Ikan, both wheels can be used on the lens or as the focus pull wheel. The unit rotates so it can be configured on either side of the lens and the friction wheel can be in front or the back. I really like this design for event work.

  2. Martin

    I believe indiSystem has one like this as well for about half the price.
    Has anyone tried them?

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