DSLR Matte Box Cokin P Compatible

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Checking out different websites for a Matte Box + French flags that can support filters, it's pretty hard to locate anything under $400 dollars. Especially for DIY guys making custom rigs, you might not be looking for something that requires a Rod Rig Mount. This one mounts using the Filter threads on your lenses. I've seen this Cokin Filter based Matte Box for DSLR's many many times, but didn't know if it was something to consider. It's nice that it's Cokin Filter Compatible saving you tons of dollars on those inexpensive filters. Checking out his eBay Feedback looks like he's selling quite a few each week. So i'm looking for some additional input from people who might have purchased this thing, is it good or not good? Or is this possibly one of those items like a Justin Bieber CD that shows it sold millions but nobody wants to admit they own it...... Anyone?

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    Dude, your work is awesome. Let me know if you need an assistant to carry some bags and hang out...hahah

  2. I use a screw on Cavision 3x3 mattebox (https://bit.ly/9NqwvL) - my set up here: https://designer4play.com/?p=155

    I believe this would also work https://bit.ly/dBN7E9

    Works great and with a tiny addition of griptape to each side - works perfect with the Cokin filters. Or you can buy the super cheap 3x3 glass filters as well. And yes, it does solve the issue of zooming.

    I either use a variable ND or the mattebox - not both at the same time.

    Mattebox wins for the gradual filters - variable ND wins for being smaller. But the mattebox isn't too big at all - and is quite light. I also bought the Flag https://bit.ly/cEAWRP which i think is for the second mattebox I linked - but works fine on mine as well.

    - the box attaches to a ring. So if you buy rings for most of your lens - the mattebox slides on and off really easily. (you don't have to screw it on and off, in other words)

    Just figured I'd throw that out there. (love your blog Emm, btw!)

    // jayse

  3. j hanna

    It would get rid of the variable ND filter but you'd be able to use a wide range of the cokin filters. including their standard set of ND filters.

    this gave me an interesting idea. you can buy the cokin mounts for 4 bucks. and a lens hood for four bucks.

    with a little cobling you can DIY a lens mounted, filter holding, matte box. I'll send pix if I can make it work and if not horribly embaressed by it!


    I don't know. If it was light enough it would solved the issue of zooming and resetting the distance of matte box on your rails. But does it disable the use of a variable ND filter? Most likely.

  5. KGB

    I'd be terrified hanging that off the front of a lens the way it is in the picture.
    Save money on the matte box to use to fix your lens.

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