iFootage 3-Axis Motion Controlled Shark Slider Mini

With smaller and more capable high quality video cameras, there's good reason to lighten up the rest of your equipment. If you're looking for one of the smallest 3-Axis motion control sliders to compliment your shrinking gear, then you may be interested in the new iFootage Shark Slider 'Mini'.

The modular tool-less design allows the Shark Slider Mini to pack small, but you have the option to quickly add sections to the slider for longer movements. When not used manually, a drive motor snaps quickly into the carrier (with no external wires or tedious connectors). The unique belt-less motion control system works by traveling over geared teeth that have been designed directly along the center of it's tracks.

ifootage shark slider mini

A separate 2-Axis Moco (motion control) head offers Pan and Tilt, and can be used independently for simple yet effective dynamic timelapse setups, or to create extremely high resolution images through a sequence of stitched photos (think GigaPan-ish).

ifootage shark slider mini photo stitching

Once you program the movements through the smartphone App via Bluetooth, you can disconnect and it will continue to carry out it's program, so there's no worry about keeping your phone tied down. The system is powered using Sony NP-FW50 batteries (generic batteries are included), so there's no worries about proprietary power and is easily accessible for consumers to purchase more.

ifootage mini slider motion control
buy ifootage mini slider iFootage Shark Slider Mini 3-Axis MoCo Slider

Target Control is probably my favorite features with the iFootage Shark Slider Mini as it allows you to maintain framing on a subject as the camera slides left to right. This is often desirable for small crews looking to add dynamic camera movements to a b-cam during interviews, or to simply create more interesting visuals with products or cooking related videos for example.

ifootage moco 3 axis slider

ifootage shark slider moco

Overall it's one of the cleanest, smallest, and easiest 3-axis sliders i've had the opportunity to work with. No belts, no external motors, and no dangling remotes. But from my brief experience, I would recommend it be used with the smaller camera setups, especially when using the 2-Axis MOCO Head.

It definitely won't handle a camera setup such as my Ursa Mini Pro. The system is also not 'completely silent', but should not be a problem if you've programmed slow movements and have the slider set a short distance away from any microphones. Obviously sound is never an issue when it comes to Timelapse photos.

For more info about the iFootage Shark Slider Mini, Bundles, and Accessories you can visit the Camera Motion Research website (here).

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buy ifootage mini slider iFootage Shark Slider Mini 3-Axis MoCo Slider

8 thoughts on “iFootage 3-Axis Motion Controlled Shark Slider Mini

  1. editwizard

    How about a stripped down C100 with a Sigma 18-35? That should be about 4.5 to 5lbs and the website it will run 11lbs payload.

  2. Zak

    Thanks for the look at this rig. I third the comment about setting points manually by hand, is this possible? And my other question is battery life - personally I don't like those tiny sony batteries and I would need to use a camera with a battery grip OR an external battery. How long does a battery last at an average speed in a looping move?

  3. Post author

    @DavidBP - I think the Rhino ARC Can support more weight, but it's not as advanced as a system like the Shark Slider Mini. The Shark Slider Mini seems like it's easier to travel and setup, no loose remotes or dangling wires.

  4. Hii

    it is really nice, but can i freely set the pan-tilt at any point of track, such as instead of making A-B point, can I make A-B-C-D point?

    and what is the maximum & minimum speed of the motor?

    many thanks.

  5. Looks like a real nice system, Too bad it only works with iOS. I have an EImage 2 axis system that uses a 48" slider. I wish it was as portable as this iFootage system. I especially like the Multi Image Pano Stiching part of the App. Looking forward to some users video's on youtube.

  6. Hello Emm,
    I'd wish they make the same tech for the Sharkslider. 2 questions : can the motion control read and learn the movement from your hand moving the camera? Is the system noisy. It seems a little noisy from your detailed product demo. Thank you.

  7. DavidBP

    Thanks for this video! I was looking forward you to review this slider. So much so, that I was hoping for a more in depth review. Could you compare this one and the rhino arc slider? Which would you recommend for interviews mainly, with a GH5 and sigma Art combo?

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