Hague MMC Back in the Game?

The Hague MMC ( Mini Motion Cam ) is a small stabilizer similar to the Steadicam Merlin design by Garrett Brown. It was ruled out in my books as being totally unsuitable as a Camera Stabilizer for DSLR's when I first tried it out. The Hague stabilizer is small, lightweight, and cheaper than most other similar stabilizers, but it just couldn't handle the weight of the 5DM2 or 7D. Well after receiving the Canon T2i with Kit lens, weight is no longer a problem. The HD video quality from the T2i being similar to the Canon 7D, I'm happy to put this Hague MMC back in my hands as a Stealthy little stabilizer.If you're an owner of the new Canon T2i a.k.a 550D with the 18-55mm kit lens, and want to get into a stabilizer check out th Hague MMC. Click Here..

One thought on “Hague MMC Back in the Game?

  1. Hi, thank you for the info and the whole blog, it is becoming one of my favorites. I have one question.

    I am looking for a cheap and functional stabilizer for my Canon HF200 and T2i with 17-85mm IS USM.
    What do you think, would this one be a good choice? Or do you have any recomendation on similar stabilizer with similar price/performance ratio that would be sufficient for my 2 cameras?
    Thank you

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