DIY Macro Close Up on a Budget

This video above is a great example of a Macro tip most new DSLR Videographers don't know about. You know, I started in Photography and know quite a bit of tricks when it comes to working on a budget. It just dawned on me that many of these Photography tips would translate well for Videographers. If you want that special macro close-up of those wedding rings, and can't afford the new Canon 100mm IS macro, here's a cheap trick to get that EXTREME CLOSEUP! It's called the Reverse Macro Technique. There's different combinations you can try to get better Macro effects but the video above explains this well.

If you want to be Extreme DIY Lens Hacker, check out the video below where YouTube member lozzless hacks up a cheap kit lens for a reverse mount and still maintains Aperture controls and Auto Focus. Wierd.

Another Technique is to move the lens away from the camera body. You can do this in a few different ways, and one of them is by use of Macro Extension Tubes. By stacking these tubes between the camera and your lens, you can get some awesome Macro shots.

Another method of moving the lens away from the body for cheap is by use of a Macro Bellow. It's cheap and comes on a Macro rail for you to move in and out for that fine tuned focus.

Not sure about Nikon or other Cameras, but Canon makes a 250D Lens that mounts to the front of another lens and provides Macro Closeups. I have not tried it, but reviews on the web say it's awesome.

Items for Macro

So hopefully the above tips helps you get in closer on those special Macro video shots, and all without dishing out a thousand bucks...

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