GoPro Colored Hooded LCD Silicone Cases

GoPro Hero Silicone HoodGoPro Hooded Case

Serge writes in and shares this cool little find. It's a silicone case that wraps around your GoPro housing (with LCD BacPac) to not only add a bit of style, but a short hood for making the LCD a bit more viewable on bright days. [Thanks Serge] Depending on your taste, you'll find them popping up via eBay in a few different flavors (click here).

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2 thoughts on “GoPro Colored Hooded LCD Silicone Cases

  1. I love the black for stealth and the bright Orange for higher visibility of where the camera is at, but pepto pink? and the Rasta? ahaha!

    and your welcome! Thanks for posting! 🙂

  2. HD-tography

    Just picked up a black one... I think with all the mounts, LCD bacPac, BlurFix, Extra Housings, Batteries, ETC I'm into my new HERO2 for over $800 (all just this weekend). However I'm loving this new camera... kicks HERO1's but on every level!

    Thanks Emm... may have to carefully cut some slots down the side as this thing will surly be used almost exclusively with the skeleton housing (for input cables) and above water conditions. I hope the silicone holds up over time with removing it over and over again.

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