GoPro 360 Fusion Camera Mobile App with Over Capture

I'm not at the point where I think I want to produce full 360 VR video content, but I am sold on the idea of 360 cameras being able to reframe a shot in post and choose what you want the viewer to see. To make this post workflow simpler, GoPro is showing off their Mobile App which allows you to edit your GoPro Fusion 360 Camera footage directly from a smartphone.

Being able to achieve this type of editing from a 360 spherical capture is a growing trend amongst 360 camera companies. The new GoPro Fusion Camera is now available for preorder via B&H (here).

GoPro Fusion 360 Camera

4 thoughts on “GoPro 360 Fusion Camera Mobile App with Over Capture

  1. John Priest

    Nice... but, maybe do a review on the RYLO 360 cam, which does this with ease and also has the best image stabilization I have ever seen on an action/360 cam. Just look at the footage of the downhill mountain bike that strapped on the RYLO on his HIP! Unreal level of stabilization and also keeps the horizon level. EMM do a comparison with the RYLO 360 against the GOPRO FUSION.


    If this works as advertised, and editing is as easy as it looks, this could be a huge deal for GoPro. I've always liked them, both as a company and the products they produce and I'm glad they're refocusing their efforts in this market.

  3. Nick Bicanic

    nah. gopro is sadly in its death throes.

    interesting though - lots of reframing stuff going on with Insta360 - checkout the One and the Nano S (One is the best resolution)

  4. Chris Knight

    Way back in the day I excitedly purchased an expensive 3D setup (2 cameras plus the case + cable) only to find 3D entirely unreliable (cameras would regularly crash) and their support lackluster. Sold the whole setup at a sizable loss and never bought a GoPro product since. I'd exercise a great deal of caution before plunking down $700 for this niche camera from this struggling company. Besides which, there'll certainly be a plethora of knockoffs on the market real soon now (which certainly doesn't help GoPro's bottom line, but they really haven't been innovating...Have they?)

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