Glidecam Stabilizers on Auction

After my recent posts on the Flycam Nano, there's been quite a lot of interest in budget stabilizers. Of course they aren't built as well as the Glidecam stabilizers, nor can they carry the amount of weight. If you've got a big camera, the Glidecam HD stabilizers are well worth the bucks. For those who are on a budget and want something larger than the Flycam Nano, you can always find some good deals on some used Glidecam Pro systems. There is usually 2000's and even 4000 Pro models available and sure does beat paying full price.

find-price-button eBay Auctions on Glidecam Stabilizers

One thought on “Glidecam Stabilizers on Auction

    Make sure you are buying the more recent gimbal arm thingy for the glidecam (non HD).

    Here is a picture im referring to:

    One is the older one and the other is newer cnc'ed. And supposedly they also have 'better' bearings (just what i read).

    To be honest, i think the Flycam nano is a better buy than the older (bent piece of metal) Glidecam.

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