Friday’s Mail Bag – Audio-Technica LAV and Letus DSLR

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Today's morning mail bag drops in with some nice surprises. I finally received the two Audio-Technica ATR3350 powered Lavalier Microphones for my Zoom H1. This will be an interesting test. I was already impressed with the Zoom H1 built in mics when doing this BiGeye review, but I was in a controlled environment. We'll see what we can get with a microphone closer to the subject outside on some noisy streets. Right off the bat, the cord is loooooonnnnngg. It's a nice setup if you don't have a portable audio recorder, but not for my use. I'll cut and snip a few feet off soon. Hopefully I don't screw it up, but it's just two simple wires. Audio tests coming soon... More information here:

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Next, some nice Letus DSLR products drop in. Talk about some damn sexy camera gear (drool). If you have a lust for gear (like myself), Letus is one of those brands that will seduce you like an Empusa. Nah that's too gorey, better yet a Shakira music video. Ok, i'm getting sidetracked, back to the subject at hand. Letus has been a big time name in the film industry and very popular in the DOF adapters before DSLR's changed things. Letus didn't stand around watching times change, they jumped right in with a new line of DSLR accessories now found at

The Letus Hawk VF is a DSLR view finder wrapped in Carbon Fiber. Is it super lightweight? Surprisingly no. It's a solid piece of gear that when holding it will make you go OOOh. It's built for the finest gentlemen like a Bently, but also comes at a different price. Most view finders we see have somewhat of a squarish box design. Since it's comparable in price as the Zacuto Z-Finder Pro, if I had to make a choice there's no doubt this would be the clear winner. The design of the Letus Hawk VF makes the Z-Finder look like technology from a Buck Rogers episode - biddy biddy beep. The Hawk VF is silky smooth, many many curves - nothing squarish about it, finished with a carbon fiber wrapped design, and a high gloss clear coat of resin. I'll get some more information up with a video soon...

The Hawk VF mounts directly under the camera, no magnetic frames. For cameras with a battery pack, you can get the optional riser plate here:

Also in the box, there's the standard Letus DSLR cage which is the basic foundation that can be used with their growing line of DSLR accesories. It's Rod compatible so you can find ways to adapt many rod type accessories. The entire cage is cheese plate designed for mounting a bazillion different things to it. This cage is thick and solid. I wish I had this thing for the 'egg drop' science project in middle school, anything will survive a drop in this cage. It's a precision crafted beast possibly made from Adamantium. More close up photos and video overview coming soon...


The Letus Hawk VF & Letus Talon DSLR Cage

18 thoughts on “Friday’s Mail Bag – Audio-Technica LAV and Letus DSLR

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  2. Fran

    Jason -

    thanks a lot for the tip on the Amazon review. I might just get a Letus Hawk and see if I can get it to fit on my T2i. But it would sure be nice if Letus confirmed T2i support on their website.


  3. Jason

    fran I read a guys review on Amazon.

    He said the letus works with the t2i. He turned some plate around and said it fit perfectly like it was meant for the t2i.

    Go check out the amazon review, I even commented. LOL

  4. Emm

    Post author

    It's in a different ballpark than just any other view finder. Functionality we agree they all work to magnify the image. If you're shopping based on aesthetics and durability this would be up there with the Z-Finder price. It's nice to have more options in equipment. I'm glad many of these manufacturers are coming up with new gear for us to choose from.

  5. I think the carbon fiber look of the Letus Hawk is a little over the top. I prefer the blend-in look of the LCDVF 3:2 for my T2i. Don't get me wrong, I'd take a Letus Hawk in a second, it just looks like it doesn't belong.

    (These might be the kinds of things I tell myself because I already bought a LCDVF and want to keep from having buyer's remorse! It's still cheaper, so that's good) 😉

  6. Fran

    I have a T2i. The Letus website says the Hawk does not work on the T2i. Have you tried it on yours? How well (poorly) does it work?

    BTW keep up the great blog. Love it!

  7. elbee

    Looking forward to your review of the AT3550s. I have the ATR35s and it is not matched well with the H1 — volume too low, left channel only.

    Re: Letus Hawk.

    Despite its svelte design, I'm not fond on that particular mounting option. With battery packs, L-bars, tripod plates, etc all vying to tap the bottom, the Hawk plate is another unnecessary addition when other mounting options provide quicker and easier attachment. It doesn't seem geared towards the run-gun, on the move type crowd. I guess it is geared more towards filmmaking.

  8. Emm -What kind of wireless receivers are you using to hook the mics to? Are you mounting the H1 to the person being recorded?

  9. Jason

    oh shoot..and can these pro higher ends viewfinders work with the lcd glass protector on? and if so, does it distort or effect anything?

  10. Jason

    Very interesting..Cool stuff.

    Back on topic..which Hawk rising plate do I buy for the t2i+battery grip? The letus site lists 2 different ones for 7D/5D - and one specifically states batter grip. Whats the other one for then if they're both risers? Which did you get?

    Standard Riser - (7D/5D and similar)
    Extended Riser - (7D/5D with battery grips)


  11. Emm

    Post author

    Most of the stuff I review i've purchased on my own. I've done my research, decided to take the plunge, and then I share my experience on this blog. There are quite a bit of things that didn't really pan out the way I thought, and those just lay dormant in the junk pile. If you've been keeping up with my blog, I had to rent a warehouse to house most of my new equipment.

    I've recently had the opportunity to receive small items for review, but I only accept to review items I think are worthwhile. Unfortunately, I do have to return them. =( I actually get a ton of comments and emails each day about reviewing other products, but I have to turn down the offer because I don't feel it really fits this blog.

  12. Jason

    Hahah...May was before I discovered cheesycam..hell it was before I heard about the HD DSLR revolution..I notice a lot of the stuff I ask you ends up already being covered and answered from your articles from may and june..hahaha

    Never bothered to check the archives..shit you're hard to keep up with as it is 😛

    yea I second Ryan's question.

    Do you typically review and then return the items? Or keep um? You have so many multiple iterations/brands of the same type of product..What do you do with it all? Like have DIY rigs and stuff and you also buy pro/retail versions of the same product. Do you use your DIY stuff more or the pro stuff you buy?

  13. Emm

    Post author

    Updated the post. Yes it can work with grips, just need the optional riser. It's in the blog article now.

  14. What do you do with all this gear after you review it? You have so many brands of things that do similar things. Do you resell them or something? Inquiring minds want to know!

  15. Jason

    Shoot, sorry for the double post but the most important question I have about the Hawk - as there is 0 info about it - does it work with battery grips? or you gotta buy seperate sticky frames like everyone else?

  16. Jason

    I've been waiting for a preview or a review of the Hawk for 3-4 weeks now. Ever since Nino previewed it on his blog i've been salivating over it for weeks...

    Is it worth the money? It looks does it perform?
    So jealous of you man! The Hawk has been atop my buylist forever!!!

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