FotoDiox Sharkcage for BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras

FotoDiox Sharcage for BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras

Fotodiox might be best known for making just adapters to mate just about any lens to any camera body. They also offer a nice line of LED lighting products, and camera accessories. This year at NAB 2015, they've expanded their products to include a line of 'Sharkcage' Camera Cages. Here's a look at the FotoDiox Shark Cage for the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

At NAB2015, they mentioned they will have cages available for cameras like the Canon DSLR, BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras, Samsung NX1, Panasonic GH4, and Sony A7s. The BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera Sharkcage is available now, and other cages shown will be available at the FotoDiox website (here).

fotodiox sharkcage shark cage blackmagic pocket cinema camera
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3 thoughts on “FotoDiox Sharkcage for BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @JL - No the battery door and card slot are totally different and the G7 will not work in any GH4 cages.

  2. JL

    Hi Emm, and good stuff as always. Would a Panasonic DMC G7 work with this cage ? and if not what cage would you recommend?

    Thanks, and keep the great reveiws coming!

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