Footage from BlackMagic Design Micro Cinema Camera

Here's some early footage from Simon Shasha shot on the (not yet released) BlackMagic Design Micro Cinema Camera. I remember putting my pre-order in the day it was announced at NAB2015 so seeing some footage feels like it should be out any day now. [Thanks Simon]

As much as everyone loves the original BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera #BMPCC, it does lack high frame rate options. That's what makes this new Micro Cinema Camera so exciting is that it now offers up to 60fps in 1080HD. The design has shifted so that it can be used more like an 'Action Camera' strapped to a Drone, or attached to the side of a Helmet.

Image wise you still get your 13 Stops of Dynamic Range, RAW, ProRes Recording. It's not exactly the same sensor as the previous BMPCC as it offers a Global Shutter (in some settings), and at least now it's powered by a Canon LP-E6 battery. I really hated the old Nikon battery in the BMPCC.

blackmagic design micro cinema camera blackmagic micro cinema camera raw 60p 60fps
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Simon also shares some images from the setup he used which included a BlackMagic Design Micro Cinema Camera Cage from CAME-TV (found here), along with a few stabilizer shots from a CAME-TV SINGLE Gimbal (found here).

blackmagic micro cinema camera cage came-tvblackmagic micro cinema camera gimbal came-tv came-single
Images via Simon Sasha

(SOURCE) Simon Shasha via Vimeo

15 thoughts on “Footage from BlackMagic Design Micro Cinema Camera

  1. @adic, well the 4k version allows for smaller resolutions iirc (1080p, UHD 3.8k, and 4k).

    It'd be nice to have a clean 2048-horiz pix 2k resolution as another option, really. But, I'm sure we can adapt.

  2. MAGEtv

    Loving the possibilities of this device. Saw and played with a couple that were on display at a Blackmagic presentation here in Nashville about a year ago. A couple of these properly kitted would make small space multicam production highly doable...

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Dany - No 4K in a camera is still a big debate. Yes with 4K you can always downscale to 1080, but if you shoot 1080 with a good camera, you can also Upscale to 4K. With a good camera, the upscale will look better than some 4K camera native recordings. It's about that Dynamic Range vs Resolution argument people often have.

    Of course not having 4K will give you less options when zooming / cropping / reframing in post, or with some cameras the ability to digitally zoom (i.e Sony Clear Image) during recording. For me personally I would prefer better dynamic range and higher bitrate over resolution.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Gordon - Yes I think with the proper 'smart adapter' you can control aperture. But in case you wanted to get fancy, this small camera design also has special inputs that can be controlled remotely. It was designed as a little box to fly on drones, and with RC inputs to the camera, you can control all camera functions from your RC Remote.

  5. Dany

    It's not relevant because you don't offer the option. If I go to a chineese restaurant, they'll probably tell me that Italian food isn't relevant because people asked for chineese food.

    I own a business and everything I do is 4K. They don't need it or not support it? Fine, I downscale it to 1080p and got even more quality and possibility.

  6. Hi Emm, Do you know if this camera will be able to control the fStop on the canon lenses? (assuming there is a speed booster used for mounting).

  7. VERY MUCH waiting for this damn camera. LOVE the BMPCC sensor's color and latitude, so just needed this. FYI, clients still don't really care for 4k content. Especially for Broadcast TV and the Web. It's still not that relevant as of yet.

  8. I love this camera and it's potential! But, is it ever going to be released for sale? Man, 4K will be the standard Technology by the time this becomes available.

    That video clip looks awesome! If this was available now I would purchase one.

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