Eye-Fi Mobile X2 – Direct Mode

What is Eye-Fi? It's an SDHC card with built in wireless capabilities to send the photos or videos directly to a computer or uploaded to the Internet (originally). Well with Eye-Fi's new Direct Mode on the Mobile X2 SDHC card, your camera will automatically send the image from your camera directly to your Tablet or SmartPhone via an Ad Hoc network (directly). This includes iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. You'll need to configure the card's wireless settings (just one time), and then from there it's all gravy. The new Mobile X2 is available now, and older X2 cards might get this feature via a firmware update. This totally simplifies the workflow for Photographers that often use this wireless tethering technique to view images with their iPads for a full blown view on Exposure and Color Balance. Heck, might be a good way to dial in your video exposure settings too.

Eye-Fi Mobile X2
find-price-button Eye-Fi 8GB Mobile X2 SDHC Class 6 Wireless

Yeah I know what you're thinking. Only cameras with SDHC so what about Compact Flash shooters? From what I remember, the cards even work with Compact Flash to SDHC adapters. Keep in mind that by using this technique you'll be dropping the speed rating down enough that the camera might not be able to shoot HD video. Of course still photos should hold up pretty well. Check out some of the adapters below.

Compact Flash SDHC adapter
find-price-button Compact Flash to SDHC Memory Card Adapter

11 thoughts on “Eye-Fi Mobile X2 – Direct Mode

  1. Ted H.

    I just picked one of these up on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0048W4RV4/ref=oh_o00_s00_i01_details It seems to work great with my Verbatim class 6 32gb SD cards. I did 2 short tests recording a 1min. clip and a 4 min. clip and business was as usual. Live view worked fine and the .mov's looked clean. Didn't notice any bad noise. The only thing I might note was on the very first clip about 10 seconds into recording I saw the buffer bar come up... it only went up to one notch then quickly disappeared. I'm not recommending to would just go out and use it completely trusting in it on a big shoot. I think results would vary especially depending on your SD card. I would recommend anyone to test it with their SD card before they plan to use.

    I didn't purchase this to replace my CF cards. Just thought it might be nice to have, just in case I ever have a need... like if one of my cf cards goes bad. Or if for some reason I fill up all my CF cards and need something in a pinch.

    All in all I thought it was an awesome investment for $14.

  2. I'm having a heck of a time and numerous numerous err 2 codes thrown on my 7D but I've also got quite a few photos across the network using both direct mode and setting up ad hoc on the iphone. Both setups transferring to factory ipad 2. I'll try and blog about it soon.

  3. I can confirm what VuTooth said. The new generations will not work, at least not with a 5DMKII no matter what SD->CF adapter you use and I wish all these blogs would quit promoting the idea that it "might" work. Too many people have purchased the new Eye-fi cards and CF adapters thinking it will work... it most certainly does not. The only ones that worked were the gen 1 cards.

  4. Yes it seems fun but meh. Not sold on it.
    When it is uploading wifily to your ipad or whatver can you still shoot pics and video?
    or do you have to stop and wait for it to happen... bc if You have to stop then just carry the damn card reader and a spare card reader. cheaper and faster.
    I don't know. this seems like something I need to see demo'ed in person or something I'd have to play with.

  5. Jason

    So you can stream wireless live video with this? Is there delay? Or does it only send files once they've been capturing?

  6. I have tried several different SDHC to CF adaptors, on several different Canons and Nikons. The generation 1 Eye-Fi cards (available mainly at Eye-Fi's outlet site) WILL work with most SD-to-CF adaptors, albeit slowly. The X2 generation of Eye-Fi cards, which includes all cards currently retailing, does NOT work through any adapter on any camera. Eye-fi support has said it over and over again in their support forums, and many, many users have hit a brick wall with adapters.

    The Canon 60D has EXCELLENT native eye-fi X2 support, even including eye-fi status menus, and a flashing upload icon when you're in live-view.

    My Canon 7D works fine with a gen 1 eye-fi card via adaptors, but it's dog slow for anything much past VGA size. Don't even try shooting RAW or video.

    There is a new crop of SDXC to CF adapters, as Emm has hinted. While I'm extremely doubtful, I'd also be interested to know if they work.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Darren Orange - Yes, but supposedly there are new adapters that can maintain speeds, so I kept it open ended. The one shown is a cheap one.

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