Extend The Reach Of Your DJI OSMO Camera with Kamerar 6Ft Remote Extension Cable Adapter

If you love shooting with your DJI OSMO Gimbal + Camera, you'll love shooting with it even more when you check out Kamerar's latest Cable Extension Adapter that will be available soon. This new product was recently introduced at Photokina 2016 (not yet available). A 6ft cable is connected between the handle and the camera allowing you to maintain full tactile controls while mounting the X3 camera in creative ways.

This is the 'second OSMO extension adapter' Kamerar has made and you can see their other adapter accessories (found here). Each connector located at the end of the cable is CNC machined from aluminum, so it's a very solid product. With the weight of the battery and size of handle trimmed away from the OSMO X3 camera, you can now mount the camera in more creative ways and at a distance. Under the camera adapter is a 1/4" threaded mount.

Kamerar Extension Cable Adapter for DJI OSMO
Kamerar Extension Cable Adapter for DJI OSMO

Capture interesting new perspectives with the OSMO Camera at the end of a 6ft Pole. The new Kamerar Remote Extension Cable Adapter for the DJI OSMO opens up entirely new possibilities. So if you don't currently own one, now might be the time to look into one.

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9 thoughts on “Extend The Reach Of Your DJI OSMO Camera with Kamerar 6Ft Remote Extension Cable Adapter

  1. Alex Kharnam

    Logan, The DJI cable extender is 150cm. It is shorter. the cable also looks considerably thinner, which is sometimes good and sometimes more fragile, depending on what you are doing

  2. This is exactly the solution I was looking for! Now I can control the joystick while its on my DIY camera rig. It's almost better than having to pay thousands for the Ronin which doesn't even have control capabilities of the gimbal. A must have for an aerial photographer ground game!

  3. Wouldnt it work just the same with the x5 adapter on the end of it? if you have any means of testing please do.. This will really be much better way to do mounts on cars and long poles.. thanks!

  4. Post author

    @Logan Bowes - I believe Kamerar was the first to make an adapter between the camera and the handle with their Baton extender, and also announced they were making a cable too. DJI seems to have followed up on this idea. Even though DJI has shown a version on their website it's still not available yet, so we'll just have to wait and see. There's currently no answer to your question. Maybe one will be longer than the other.

  5. Logan Bowes

    What makes these Kamerar extensions better than the DJI ones? DJI's extension cable is about $50 cheaper (same as their extension rod), so what's the benefit to Kamerar's products over DJI that warrants the extra dough? Genuinely curious, not trying to be a jerk.

  6. Hey Emm- this is super great news.. would love to know if it could work with the x5-x5r- know anyone that could test it? If not I for sure could.

    been using the x5r-osmo and I have to say its pretty radical shift in thinking for a lot of shots. Its still on the quirky side but with ideas like this things just keep getting cooler and cooler.

  7. Scott Spellman

    My Osmo already has remote wireless WiFi control over the gimbal via any smartphone right out of the box. While this improves the mounting options, I just can't see this as a big seller.

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