Can New Sony DSC-RX100 V Shoot 6K RAW Video?

Ok, the new Sony A6500 and RX100 Mark V just announced has received some pretty awesome upgrades. But did anyone catch the fact that the RX100 V can shoot 24 (20MP) images per second and can buffer 148 images in JPEG? 24fps is video playback rate, and 148 images is about 6 seconds worth at just a bit over 6K resolution.

Now if you switch to capturing 20MP images in 'RAW', you'll still manage 24fps and buffer up to 71 images - which is almost 3 seconds of video playback. A long time ago Nikon released a compact camera that was able to do this at 8MP still images, and many people have used this feature to make amazing 4K montage video clips. (now 4K is everywhere).

But if you think about what the new Sony RX100 MK5 can do, you'll be able to not just capture slightly over 6K Video Resolution, but capture it in RAW format. All in a pocketable point and shoot camera and with pretty amazing low light capabilities. The new Sony RX100 MK V will be available to order (found here).

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10 thoughts on “Can New Sony DSC-RX100 V Shoot 6K RAW Video?

  1. Post author

    @fabio palma - It is not just 'up to' count. It is how many images per second that is more important if you want to use it for video. The RAW is not able to sustain the 24fps, but JPEG could.

  2. fabio palma

    My son (Yuri palma) has used V2 feature, Burst of Raw up to 40frames up at 60fps, in several 4k video, combined thispacket of data together with 4K footages from a Gh4 and Red. (if you want to check, this is in video Rome by bike, Yuri Palma)
    This is a consistent spet up, BUT I am confused abaout what you are saying here ( Burst of raw would be up to 71) comparison with Philippe Bloom ( 150 Raw!!!!) Quite a difference, 3 seconds of video instead of 6.
    Is there any confirmation on this specs?

  3. Dane

    Shooter -
    I was just going by what CheesyCam reported about the 71 frames. I just checked Philip Bloom's blog and the press release he posted does say up to 150 raw shots! Very impressive!
    I do hope there is firmware update or some way to trigger the burst without holding the shutter button down so it could be used on a gimbal or drone like you were saying. I agree the raw image quality should be able to rival stuff shot on Red.

  4. Dane-
    BTW, What makes this a first if 71 raw shots before the buffer chokes, Phillip Bloom is claiming it will do 150 raw shots. Thats 3-6 seconds and enough for a usable clip. The Nikons only deliver 40 frames before choking, not enough. This my be the next megapixel race, bigger and BIGGER buffers with faster readout and the capability to write to faster XQD cards that can continuously write 6K images at 24/30/ or even 60fps. That would change the game from 6K timelapses on Vimeo to 6K conformed rate cinema, from a camera you pull out of your pocket.

  5. Dane-
    I figured it may be difficult to trigger without a continuous press, but maybe Software for camera control in a firmware upgrade? Even so, holding down the shutter on a slider and shooting 3 second clips for essentially a 6K RAW workflow and output to a super clean 4K clip that has been graded in Lightroom beyond what is now possible with any video codec is a HUGE new capability. My point is that for 95% of the footage that requires a 4K RAW file to obtain enough dynamic range for extreme grading in post, the mark V could provide an alternative workflow to deliver 3 sec clips that would rival the LATITUDE of files from a RED or similar 4K RAW camera. The lenses would not be equal and you couldn't film with synced audio easily but for 1080p or even 4k deliverables where the edit is primarily a series of 3 sec clips (think interiors, landscapes, wildlife, even action in dim, or high contrast scenes that normally require lots of supplemental light and/or a $$$ 4K RAW cameras) this should be a comparable deliverable for a fraction of the cost.

    It seems now that once mirrorless cameras are able to deliver 24/30/60 FPS stills with a readout that allows 70, 150, or soon 500 continious frames before the buffer chokes, well, we will have essentially 6 RAW video cameras, all in a package so small that it fits on a gimbal or in your pocket. But...since this would canibalize just about every 4K RAW system unless the project required long clips and easily synced audio, I doubt that manufactures will let this cat get any further out of the powerful.

  6. Dane

    Re: shoter
    It's a short burst of 6K raw photos, 3 seconds/71 frames. If it's like the Nikon V1, V2, V3 you can't trigger the burst remotely without some custom wired or wireless mechanical device that presses down on the shutter button.

  7. 24fps RAW! 6K in a cam that can fly on a gimbal or a drone! Why is this not a MAJOR story. Compared to a RED 5K RAW work flow this is even easier! Hello?

  8. Post author

    @Shooter - Yeah most of the Real Estate listings we do are just a few seconds on a slider. To have all that information in RAW means we can pull down highlight and push up shadow info that is normally thrown away during compression. It's basically like editing a time lapse video. Edit RAW in Lightroom export to JPEG and assemble in Premiere. And downscaling a 6K inage to 1080 would be sharper with more detail too. I'm excited to try this out.

  9. So this has burst has 24fps burst up to 71 frames for about 3 secs of video??? So what you are saying is 3 sec clips from an editing work flow in sLightroom that is: RAW, 6K, exported as VERY clean, VERY easily graded, VERY wide Dynamic Range with Color Grading range nearly equal to a Nikon D810 RAW still????? All for @$1000?? What even comes close to this capability under $20,000. Sure, the lens isn't Zeiss Cinema lens and the clips are short (3 secs), but DAMN, with some quick cuts of interiors the require extensive lighting and dynamic range with even a C300 or RED, to even come close to pulling views from a well light room with big windows.... this is a game changer for luxury home video. Am I right?

  10. Dane

    That burst mode on the RX100 V seems like a really nice feature! I do wish there was 60fps option like the Nikon V1, V2, or V3. I have a V2 and it's still a great compact interchangeable-lens camera with a 1'' sensor at 14 MP (4608 x 3072) with 30fps or 60fps burst (Can be found for ~$350 used). Unfortunately it can only do up to 40 raw frames before the buffer fills up. The upcoming Olympus EM1 II with its 20MP m4/3 sensor does have a 60fps raw burst mode but no 24fps. Not sure how many frames but apparently they doubled the buffer size from the previous model so that's promising. It's a small body but not in the same compact league as the rx100 v or nikon v2.

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