Exciting Month End – Zoom H1 & Canon

New Pre-Order Auctions

So many new product announcements this month, and still more to come. Rumors are Canon will make some really big announcements this month, maybe in a few days, regarding new camera lineups. I'm excited for that, but who knows if it's going to be products that are as affordable as the Canon T2i. There is supposedly rumors of a Canon 60D, which will sit in the middle of the T2i and 7D. Not sure what features would make this Canon 60D fall 'in between', the video features of the T2i are already so close to the 7D. It's possible it could be more Photography enhanced features.

The Zoom H1 is 'supposed' to be released in 3 days, but there's been a lot of speculation. I've emailed Samson a few times and they've always nailed down the August 20th release date. Even if it is released by August 20th, it will be a rare item to find 'in stock'. There's a new auction on eBay taking pre-orders for this item and there are quite a bit of sales. I can't wait to start testing this with different LAV microphones. Certain times the whole Wireless LAV setup is overkill, more expensive, requires extra gear, and possibility for more things to go wrong. There are many situations where this tiny recorder could be mounted as a body pack for getting close up quality audio from your subject. I placed my order long long ago, but we'll see what comes about in the next 3 days......

19 thoughts on “Exciting Month End – Zoom H1 & Canon

  1. Emm

    Post author

    There is some disadvantages, like not having an XLR input. The Zoom H4n I will keep and use for XLR inputs and multiple track recording. When recording speeches at events, I often use XLR out from the DJ Speakers into the Zoom H4n. Most DJ's are ok with this rather than using their Sound Board. Something not as simple to do with the Zoom H1.

  2. Jason

    I personally think the H1 would be better suited for a 7D/t2i. Its smaller and easier to mount/rig up. Still has a mic input too. And its brand new, if and when it comes out 😛

  3. AC

    I'm currently only using a Rode Mic for my videos on the 7D. Already pre-order the H1, but now looking at the H4. Which device do you think would be a better product to buy? Just got into this whole DLSR video thing so not too knowledgeable about all the gadgets.

  4. Fabdex

    Apparently, the 60D will have an articulated viewscreen that can be tilted at pretty much any angle. There's also a rumor of RAW video recording using a new file format (codec ?) but that remains to be seen. If it does indeed shoot in raw, I'm pretty sure Red' Jim Jannard will soil his pants !

  5. I bought it pre-order form the seller you used Emm. I got the same email saying that it would be late and i was happy to read your reports from the manufacturer. I do hope however that i get it in before the weekend of the 28th because i have a shoot that i planned on using it for. If it doesn't come in i may be making my HV30's my main audio cameras again. fingers crossed.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    The H1 will have an input for stereo mic plugs like the one used by the Rode Videmic and Sennheisser MKE.

  7. Marco

    may I ask how is this product any good for audio for video?, I own a Zoom h4n and have not used the built in stereo mics yet, to be honest I find them pretty useless actually. The only reason i have it is for the dual xlr/1/4 inch jacks that run phantom power.

  8. @jason I think the H1 + Rode Videomic would work like a charm. I did a few tests recording using the Zoom H2 + Videomic + Boompole and the results are great. I'll be getting a H1 because the H2 isn't mine, but I think it should work just as well.

  9. Oscar

    @jason which camera store in San Diego said they would have them in October? im also in San Diego.

  10. Jason

    When I rented the H4N from the camera store I go to in San Diego, the manager said they weren't expecting to sell the H1's until october. Its a really big camera store too. I told him about what I knew from this page and we deduced that sept/oct is probably when retailers are actually going to have availability.

    After going through all that hell to race around to try to put together some audio solution for my shoot, I didn't even get a chance to use the h4n I rented. But after playing around with it myself, I think its overkill. I think I want to get a rode mic and plug it into a h1..That'd be a cheap and easiar to rig setup..Dont you think?

  11. i pre ordered this a while ago from the ebay retailer you have linked to, and i'm praying it goes out on the 20th, i need it for some videos for the college i work for when classes start in sept.

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