Edelkrone Focus One Pro Follow Focus

We had a brief look at the Focus One Pro at NAB 2012, but there were some slight changes since then. For those who have been following the product, here's an inside look from YouTube member lkwan78 as he shares his thoughts on the latest Follow Focus from Edelkrone [Thanks Luke]. For reference, the other Follow Focus systems mentioned in this video are from a company called TrusMT (seen here) and the new Gini iFocus (seen here).

The new Focus One Pro FF runs for about $290 bucks and can be found at the Edelkrone website (Click Here).

Edelkron Focus One Pro Follow Focus Review
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5 thoughts on “Edelkrone Focus One Pro Follow Focus

  1. Alinka

    @ lkwan78

    Oh Boy!

    the Handy (Base X rig) comapny was the former name of Edelkrone. Its the same company and guys.

    The Edelkrone brand sounds better than "Handy".

  2. Luke Kwan

    At first, I was going to shoot the video with my 7d, but then i didn't want to go through to much headache getting it edited and posted online so i used my flip instead.

    Quick and easy, but in hindsight, i should have just done it right because most of the negative comments talk about quality.

    My goal was just to get the info out quickly... I'll remember that the next time i have something cool to post.

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