E-Image Linear Rail Camera Slider


I don't know if I missed this, or this just showed up. Looks like E-Image is adding more products to their attack on the DSLR market. Here's what looks to be like a very effective camera slider using seperate linear guide rails. The carrier for the camera looks quite familiar to the 'guys in yellow and black'. This setup looks like they want to go long, calling it a video track kit.


The end plates require that you use two tripods to use this 'video track kit', and this design doesn't appear to be a solid setup for plain floor use. It's quite possible to make different ends with feet and legs to further make this a more versatile product, we'll just have to wait and see where they are going with this. For now you can try to keep up with the new products here: https://www.eimagevideo.com/enproductSeries.asp?fl=183

8 thoughts on “E-Image Linear Rail Camera Slider

  1. John


    You should talk! You and Cinevate's "Novel" ideas on your sliders are NOT novel at all. Sliders like yours and Cinevates have been around for decades!! The are and have been in the machining wold. You look at any machine and they have this technology to their tables. Don't sit there and talk bad about this when you guys started this copying process andgrossly overcharged for the product!!

    Pot calling the kettle black

  2. Eric
    No one is taking credit away from anyone else. Anyone who can afford the Cinevate products without cringing at your next bank statement probably doesn't need to be on this forum. If you ask me, this looks like two rails and a carriage... Just like MOST of the sliders I have seen on the market. It's not rocket science and there is a proven way to make it work. Some would just like to find a more affordable option. Even though I don't need it, this does look interesting. I can't imagine it holding much weight though..

  3. Eric Kessler

    Knocking anyones product off is worng an you should be ashamed to say that. Of course anyone can sell a copy for less becuase they did not have the 100k+ invested to develop it. Anyone that copies a product is a thief and anyone willing to buy a copy is not much better. Give credit where credit is due. Would be the same for someone to take your work and claim credit for it and take payment for it.

  4. Waylon

    very close to the Cinevate carriage. in fact too close. it's about time someone tries to copy the LTS 30. Cinevate is way too expensive. Even the end pieces look pretty close.

  5. Alexander Manton

    This looks interesting. And take a look at the new rigs that they have on their website as well. I just bought a tripod and head from them and its excellent!! Better than literally anything that I've seen from Manfrotto. Real fluid feel and build quality is outstanding. I'm American but I live in Singapore and am happy seeing products come out of China that are not just copies of products from the West, but are actually better quality and better design for a lot less money.

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