DIY Apple Canon T2i Charger

battery charger (3 of 3)

battery charger (2 of 3)

This one goes out to Kay for submitting this great little tip. As small as it might be, this one really rocks in my book! The Canon LP-E6 chargers have a nice little flip out plug to go directly into the wall. This means 5D Mark II, 7D, and 60D chargers pack up nice and tidy. What about T2i owners? Stuck with a charger that needs a cord to plug in? Kay dropped this on me this morning showing me how the T2i charger can be neatly packed away by using a simple Apple adapter - No cables required. Thanks Kay you rock on this one, leave some comments if you think this is a helpful tip. If you guys don't happen to have the Apple adapter, there's a ton over at eBay for less than a cup of Java (Click Here).

find-price-button Apple AC Wall Adapter

Also available via Amazon for $3 bucks + Free Prime Shipping (Click Here).

find-price-button Apple AC Wall Adapter

15 thoughts on “DIY Apple Canon T2i Charger

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  2. Adam

    Thanks so much for the tip! I had an extra Apple adapter in my computer bag from when I first got my laptop, and this saved me from having to buy a new LCE-8E charger cord because I recently lost mine on a music video shoot. Awesome idea!

  3. Your'Z

    …using these Apple adapters since my 400D, also now for 5D and 5D2.

    Always good to tell other people.

  4. aizen

    didn't know that t2i has charger with cord. The charger on my kiss x4 is already working like an apple charger, it has two pins that can be flipped out to charge and flipeed in to store. lucky me i guesss.

  5. Emilio

    Awesome! One of those "why didn't I think of that" moments. Works like a charm and makes my charger way more user friendly!

  6. this is genius! I'm going to see if it works for my Sony charger [as I'm an alpha shooter]. From the looks of my apple charger, it does look like the same for my sony charger!

    this can definitely save some room in my camera case.

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