DS214 vs. DT454

Someone asked about additional photos of the DS214. I thought i'd shoot a couple of side by side images next to the DT454 for comparison. If you're using a simple mini stereo connection like on the Rode VideoMic Pro, and don't need the XLR inputs, the DS214 should meet your needs.

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  1. Hey....for those of you who want to make this purchase! do it.... warning you now, have a D battery handy and one of those tiny tiny screwdrivers (if you have a t2i or 7d) or you will cringe. You need the D battery to run it and the tiny screwdriver to calibrate the agc.

  2. Emm

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    @Nas - Recording audio seperately is easier to get best results since you can position the whole recording closer to the subject or fine tune it any way you want. If you want to try to get better audio into the camera, you'll need to at least start with disabling the AGC in the 7D. For that you should get either the DS214 or DT454 which disables the AGC and then you can better control the audio coming into the camera. The DT454 has XLR and Phantom power to support better microphones.

  3. Nas

    Hello Emm I just brought a 7d and was wanting to know do you think this is a good tool to have for audio instead of syncing with software? Is it good?

  4. Emm

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    @Marthin - The cheap LAV should perform well with the Zoom H1, but would work better with a pre-amp.

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