DL-DV1300 High Power LED Video Light

high power led video lighthigh power led video light dslr video

Peter writes in and shares a find on a strange new LED video light [Thanks Peter]. The DL-DV1300 Video light works on 6 high power LEDs and claims it has the same output as a typical 300 LED video light. This new DL-DV1300 video light is dimmable, comes with a typical diffuser, tungsten colored filter, and powers from the common Sony NPF battery type (charger and battery included). A web search shows the DV1300 LED light listing in retail stores for over $130, but here they are available for just over $50 dollars via eBay (Click Here).

dv-1300 led lightDL DV1300 high power led light
find-price-button DL-DV1300 High Power LED Video Light Sony NPF Battery + Charger

TIP: Don't forget that you can create a nice broad light source with LED lights, following this little tip about triple hotshoe adapters seen in this article: https://cheesycam.com/triple-shoe-mount-adapter-umbrella-holder/


28 thoughts on “DL-DV1300 High Power LED Video Light

  1. Danzee

    The lamp has got a broken battery or a charger. The battery dies after 1-2 minutes after whole night charging. It doesn't get a bit hot while being charged. What a cheap piece of junk.

  2. Darren

    I picked up one of these lights off Ebay - $54 + $5 shipping. It took about 3 weeks to arrive in Canada.

    A few things to note:

    - The case is pretty flimsy and cheap looking / feeling (compared to the 312A)
    - The hot-shoe adaptor is attached directly to the light, and it's plastic. So that would mean if it breaks, you will have a hard time attaching it to anything.
    - The light needs alot of power to run - I haven't figured out exactly how long the supplied sony knockoff battery lasts, but at ~1/2 charge, it only lasted 5 or so minutes.

    It is very bright, and it throws alot of light - but it looks like it won't be very usable since it requires so much power to run.

  3. Jesse

    Just got this one and the 12 led W12.

    The battery it came with (an npf550 knockoff) lasted all of 5 minutes. Apparently I'm not the only one with this issue. I already have a pair of NPF970s though, I'll try a test with one of those. Very bright, extremely minimal green cast on the edges.

    with 6 huge leds, its just slightly brighter than the W12. It has a shrill hum thats louder the more you dim down. Which sucks.

    I love the W12. More pronounced green cast on the edge of the beam, but the spread is huge. I'd buy another W12 in an instant.

    Only issue is you need diffusion with any of these lights that use several large led sources, because multiple shadows are an issue.

  4. Richard

    Just thought I'd give an update on this light. My quick tests done on the 18th was done with the defuser on each light. Big difference with it off of the DV1300. While most small LED lights I've used are hotter in the middle and have a gradual drop off at the edges, the DV1300 puts out a reasonably defined circle of light, with a noticeable edge to it. However, within the circle, the light is surprisingly consistant from the middle to the edge. Considering the amount of light needed to do that, this little light does put out a surprising amount. Today I also got in the Yongnu YN300, a 300 LED light. Like most small LED lights, the YN300 is brighter in the middle, and gradually drops off. The YN300 is noticeably brighter in the middle than the DV1300, however, it's possible due to the DV1300's more consistent pattern of light, it does put at almost as much. At first glance, I like both lights, but given that I like the consistency of the DV1300's light pattern, and how small it is (and cheaper), I think I prefer it, at least for situations were the noticeable edge is not an issue. I haven't measured the color/kelvin of the lights yet, but the YN300 is warmer/oranger than the DV1300's cooler light.

  5. vladbox

    I just got one, not one battery will last more than 10 minutes at full power. I do not know if mine is defective, but it seems to suck the power really fast. Other than that its just about twice as bright as my 160.

  6. Richard

    Just got one of these in today (from Ebay). I haven't done any real tests yet, but did compare shining on a white wall with a CN-160 (160 LED). The CN-160 seems brighter to my eye, but it is also hotter in the middle. The DV1300 though not as bright, seems to have little more even light (not as much of a hot spot) and a slightly wider spread. If it really was the equivalent of 300 LEDS, it should be almost twice as bright, but it's not. Since it's spread out more, it *might* be the same amount as the CN-160, but I don't think so. So I'm guessing the "300 pieces small power leds" must mean much smaller LEDs than the typical LED light.
    The light does seem bluer/cooler than the CN-160.
    If you have it dimmed at all, there is a slight hum, which would probably be picked up my an on-camera mic. I don't hear the hum when on full.
    I do like the size. It's small and shouldn't take up much room.

  7. Jesse

    Just pulled the trigger on this one and the 12 led W12. I'm especially interested to see how they compare to the Lowel blender, a 12 led system that costs 10x as much (granted it does change color temp as well)

  8. Jed

    I literally just got my cheap 126 LED light through, i don't regret the purchase at all well worth the £26 i spent n it and am considering purchasing a few LED lights for a full battery powered light set up for shooting without power, i might include one of these in such a kit


  9. Sally

    If prices go up merely after a cheesycam post I refuse to buy out of principle. Hes not the only one selling this type of light at this price point.

  10. Sally

    I did notice that the battery supplied is only 2200mah in comparison to 4800 on a similar item on ebay

  11. Rob S.

    The 50D was the last Canon DSLR before video became standard. But I think you can add video with Magic Lantern. You just can't record sound. I just thought it was funny they used it as their demo.

  12. Elly

    Hmm..The old version says it is the equivalent to a 130W incandescent lamp. The new version has the same output. Does that mean it still has the power of a 300 led video light?

  13. Rob S.

    Funny that the eBay ad shows it on a Canon 50D. I guess they Magic Laterned video onto that one.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @db - Nice, forgot about that. At least with this new model number, it's even cheaper than before.

  15. Mike

    I've been wondering for a long time why there arent any CREE or similar led module video lights. They've been in flashlights for a while and they're bright enough that even car manufacturers are using them as headlights nowadays. Hopefully this is a growing trend. Would love to see performance though before buying

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