Carry Speed VF-3 48 Hour Sale $99.99

Maybe you've had your eye on this, maybe not. In any case, the Carry Speed VF-3 LCD View Finder is available for $99.99 for the next 48 hours. More about the VF-3 product can be found at the product page (Click Here).

Carry Speed Swivi LCD View Finder
find-price-button Carry Speed VF-3 DSLR LCD View Finder with Quick Release

23 thoughts on “Carry Speed VF-3 48 Hour Sale $99.99

  1. Fakhruddin Usmani

    Its a wonderful piece of inovation, I used it on my Nikon D7000 and the result is great with accurate focus....

  2. Damon


    I had the same issue on my Gini as well. But I made some adjustments to how I had it set up and now I am satisfied with it.

    Also of note: I replaced the Gini follow focus with the Focus One from Edelkrone and it is perfect. By keeping both of my eyes open while operating, I can see the Focus One marking disk "superimposed" in the middle of my frame while using the viewfinder. They work wonderfully together.

  3. just got mine today! super fast shipping, nice. and the build quality is outstanding. One thing I noticed though is that when viewing dark areas I can see two separate reflections of the viewfinder display in the eyepiece. One is a miniaturized reflection of the lcd display in the center and then a larger blurry reflection. its quite visible and extremely distracting. is this an issue I can remedy?

  4. Bob

    So I bought this and took advantage of both the sale and the trade-in offer to get it for $80. It's definitely well made and thought out. It's got some issues though that it seems like they could have easily fixed. 1) The diopter adjustment is ridiculously loose. It's the sort of thing that you set once and never again, so it doesn't make sense to have so much play and size to it. 2) The diopter at most settings vingnettes a 5DIII screen, in an annoying way. This would have been easy to design away - move the whole thing in about 2mm and lose half the diopters adjustment distance. 3) The lock to open and close the shutter doesn't always work - some of the shutter stays stuck closed or open. 4) Why would you design it so that the arca-swiss baseplate goes sideways?? I guess this is probably more of a thing that a still photographer designed this, but it just makes so much more sense to be able to mount it forward back. This design renders useless any compatible fluid heads. Also I balance forward and back either on a tripod or a steadicam, but not really side to side. If I had paid full price I probably would return it, but it was a good deal for me as is.

  5. Paul

    I really wanted to like this viewfinder and love the arca base. It great in every way except it vignettes pretty bad and makes it hard to use in 3x on the mark 3, especially on a gini rig where I can't quite seem to align it with my shoulder and eye. Flip up mode is great. I dunno everyone else seems to love it so maybe I'm doing something wrong

  6. Dean

    Mine came in yesterday & I can't wait to buy a camera to put it on.

    I should have just picked it up at P&C the day before while I was there! Had no idea this was them too

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Clay - I use it on the Canon 5D Mark III and it's just about perfect (maybe 1mm less). There are others using this on a 5D Mark III also, and maybe they can chime in about how well it works.

  8. Nice scoop, Emm. Just ordered one.

    Question: Has anybody found a way (or an adapter) to make these work with flip out tilt screens? (600D owner)

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @sKiZZiT - That is a manfrotto RC2 type quick release plate. If you have the Manfrotto RC2 adapter, this looks like it would fit.

  10. Ed

    Emm- I understand this VF will only work on the GH2 with a spacer....

    But if you attached the GH2 to the P&C Gearbox first, then this VF to the bottom of the Cage, would this work? Does the bottom platform of the P&C provide enough of a "spacer"? Visually it's looks like it would work- but you don't know until you have it in your hands.

    I figured I would ask since you own all 3 devices. It would save me from buying both but then having to return them if they don't play nice.

    thanks again

  11. Brent G

    Another Vote that this product is great! I would pay 150 in a heart beat as well! Its a steal at 99!

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @stevehoose - No anti-fog coating & there are no magnets in this new VF-3. Here's a trick I used with a Letus that worked perfectly for any lcd vf httpss://

  13. stevehoose

    Does this have anti-fog coating? That's the number one problem I've had with the original Carry Speed VF. (Number 2 is the magnets slipping off the plate.)

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Jeff - Someone modded to fit a GH2 httpss://

  15. imgpro615

    ...i bought the swivi when emm first presented it...well, shortly after that cause of the pay period n all...but i LOVE this VF! Worth more than the asking price by a good stretch!!

  16. Thanks for the tip-off, Emm! Just bought it!

    I'd still prefer sticky frames because I prefer not to take off my quick-release plate at all as events/run-n-gun shooting requires me to pop the viewfinder on and off, especially when I need to put it onto a monopod or stabilizer.

    Having an extra accessory mounted to the bottom prevents me from doing so, but nonetheless I'm giving this viewfinder a try and since there's a sale, so might as well give it a try! (:

  17. Moe

    i used mine for the 1st time today with my 5dmkiii. i highly recommend it and i would pay the $150 again in a heartbeat

  18. ryan

    Wow, this sale couldnt have come at a more perfect time.

    Is it just me or do the sticky metal frames on all the other viewfinders just suck. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or just overly rough handling it.

    Guess I wont have that problem anymore with this.

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