DJI Inspire1 4K Quadcopter Won’t Ship As Expected

I just received news that the new and much anticipated amazing DJI Inspire1 4K Video Quadcopter will be delayed on it's release. Apparently there are a few things that need to get worked out. At this time there's no ETA on new shipping dates. My only hope (like many of their previous product releases including Ronin) is that they drop the price before it actually ships...

DJI Inspire 1 Drone Delayed
DJI Inpsire1 4K Video 3-Axis Gimbal FPV Quadcopter

9 thoughts on “DJI Inspire1 4K Quadcopter Won’t Ship As Expected

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  2. TKH

    Well, is anyone surprised? This is typical of DJI. Every item I have ever purchased/pre-ordered has always been delayed. Going back: Ronin, LightBridge, Zenmuse GH3, Zenmuse H3-2D, and a lot of other smaller things...not surprised. I actually didn't fall for it this I am proud of myself. I will wait a few months and let other people be the beta testers this time. lol.

  3. Well I'm kinda use to it now since they did the same thing with the Ronin when I pre-ordered that so hey I can wait but would of love to use the Inspire for Christmas Aerials.

  4. OrfeasGR

    They explained why the delay. They are adding a lens hood! From DJI forum:

    "Hey guys,
    I apologize for the shipment delay.
    Actually we do have encountered some problems in production.
    The worst one is the lens. The original design is lens + filter glass.
    But we found that when the sun is not appeared in the filed of view, the sun light will affect the image quality.
    Engineers advised to accept the result because it is just one case and will be ok in 90% of applications.
    But the product manager disagreed. He insisted that the camera is the key point of the inspire 1.
    We should do something to make things better.
    So we decided to add lens hood onto the camera.
    And you can find out the camera on website is different with the introduction video.
    It is a big change and the date is close to release.
    However,there are a lot of work to do.
    Redesigned the camera within limited weight and room.
    Changed the design of lens.
    Made the plastic molding which is 20 days in general and we compressed it down to 15 days.
    Test and so on.
    The shipment date was estimated to the end of November if everything goes well.
    But unfortunately, troubles happend time by time.
    We have to inform you the delay info reluctantly.
    Please believe that we are doing our best to get it done.
    We are more anxious than you."

    read more:

  5. The problem, in my opinion, is the camera... at least for professional use.
    For that price it should be able to lift at least a little bridge camera in order to shoot decent footage.

    The actual camera is only a muddy 4k

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Dez - Looking at the video, my guess is you're not balanced well. Can you upload a video showing your gimbal balanced with the power off? You should be able to tilt the handles over the camera, and also tilt the handles sideways and it should not swing around.

  7. @kelly

    Yes! Totally agree. I need this machine as close to bug-free as possible. I like bringing my "A" game for my clients and I can't do that if my gear isn't on top of its game. 🙂

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