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For Cyber Monday: Save 65% on LED2000 Bi-Color Classic Series lights. This special ends once our stock is gone, and quantities are very limited. You can order here on the website or call our office at (408) 229-9222.

The LED2000 is a high-output, energy efficient, portable LED fixture. With power consumption of just 130W powering 2048 LEDs, both studios and location filmmakers are turning to this versatile solution as a means of achieving high light output and quality, while using a fraction of the energy of todays traditional lighting options.

The LED2000 is a professional grade, studio ready light fixture rated consistently at 95 CRI, giving your production perfect lighting, each and every time. To watch a video demonstration, on the LED2000 Bi-Color LED Light visit the website (click here).

Dracast LED2000 Bi-Color Light
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2 thoughts on “Cyber Monday LED2000 Bi-Color Special – Dracast

  1. keri

    just received mine and I must admit it was not such a bargain... First of all, they come without power supply ! and it is an XLR 4 pin power, so forget about finding a cheap one. I expected at least a documentation or a manual to have the complete specs about this missing power supply... Nothing !
    This is good quality for sure, but do not expect more than the light itself. No filters (you can not buy them separately on their website as they are out of stock for this model...), no barndoors, not even a carrying bag... And once again : no power supply ! Do you know if this thing needs 12V or 24V (nothing written at the back of the panel) ??

  2. Wow! Thanks for posting this!
    Just what I've been waiting for since LED panels first came out.
    Now I can finally afford the flexibility I've always needed and can be confident I'm not going to get caught short of light from my existing F and V ringlights! Just wondering if I should have got 2!

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