DIY Your Own Video Monopod – Modified Monopods with Fluid Tripod Foot for Video

Here's a quick image of three different video monopods with a fluid base. Only one is actually sold through retail stores, while the smaller two are monopods i've modified with an aftermarket fluid base folding tripod foot (found here) Cheesycam-Monopod-Tripod-Foot-Base1.

DIY Modified Cheesycam Video Monopods Fluid Foot Base Tripod Monopod Feet

The largest is the Manfrotto 561BHDV Video Monopod (now replaced with new MVM500A). The middle option is a 4 section Manfrotto MM294A4 Aluminum monopod which offers a nice combination of light weight and stability. The smallest is my 5 section carbon fiber Rokinon monopod when I want to go extra light. If you're looking to add stability to one of your favorite monopods with one of these tripod foots, it will only run you about $20 dollars and a bit of ingenuity.

Guaranteed this aftermarket monopod fluid base tripod foot won't fit perfectly with whatever monopod your trying to add this to, but i've added epoxy putty (found here) to make it work. It's basically putty that you'll stuff into the foot, shove your monopod in, and the putty hardens like steel. Just make sure your monopod stays straight as it dries, you won't get a second chance.

So if you've watched the video included in this article, there are two versions of this Fluid Base Monopod Tripod Foot. One is just a simple ball socket fluid base, the other (for $2 dollars more) offers a lock that will hold the monopod in a vertical position. For the non-locking version you can find it via eBay (here)

Cheesycam Monopod Tripod Foot BaseDIY Video Monopod Feet Tripod Manfrotto styleVideo Monopod Fluid Tripod Foot Fluid Base Tripod
find-price-button Fluid Base Tripod Monopod Foot - No Solid Lock

For the version that includes the locking screw, you can also find that via eBay (here).

cheesycam diy video monopod fluid base monopod tripod foot with lock
find-price-button Fluid Base Tripod Monopod Foot - No Solid Lock

73 thoughts on “DIY Your Own Video Monopod – Modified Monopods with Fluid Tripod Foot for Video

  1. I have the Sirui P-326 Monopod with the Retractable Pin bottom.
    Sirui P-326 does not have the 3/8 screw.

    Can this be mounted on the above mentioned foot base ? If somehow the bottom can go inside the legs base .. ??

    Can anyone confirm trying this ?

  2. thomaslu

    Cheesycam: Just delete my last three replies and post this one instead:

    What about this one?: Manfrotto MPMXPROA5US Aluminum XPRO Monopod+
    Closed length is 16.1” - Wow!

    This looks like the winner, especially if I can:
    1. Attach my Manfrotto 561BHDV fluid head to the top of it.
    2. Attach either the XPRO Fluid Base or the Andoer three-legged monopod stand ($20 on Amazon) with the the 3/8” screw mount to the bottom of it.

    Does anyone know if the FOOT of the Manfrotto MPMXPROA5US monopod has a 3/8”" screw thread for the rubber tip?

  3. thomaslu

    See my previous post re: small travel monopod.
    What do you guys think of the "iFootage Cobra 2 C120 Carbon Fiber Monopod" ?Found it on the B&H site.
    B&H # IFC120 MFR # C120"

  4. thomaslu

    I own the Manfrotto 561BHDV Video Monopod and I love it. But it is too big for traveling and I can’t lock it for use into s “tripod mode.” I am looking for a compact “travel” video monopod that will fit into my carry-on bag.

    It must have the following features:
    1. It must collapse down to under 20” and fit in my carry-on bag.
    2. It must have a monopod fluid base tripod foot.
    3. It must have a lock mechanism, to lock off the tripod foot when I want to use the monopod "as a tripod."

    So basically, I need to create the “small” monopod version that you described in your video.
    Unfortunately, it’s been about 4 years since your original post, so the links to the component parts don’t work anymore:
    * 5 section carbon fiber Rokinon monopod
    * aftermarket fluid base folding tripod foot
    * epoxy putty
    Is there any way you could update the links to the right gear? Or maybe you could recommend a monopod for sale today that meets my criteria above?

    Thanks so much for all your excellent DIY info!

  5. Carlos Martinez

    I bought the folding legs, apparently made by Andoer.

    My idea is to adapt them to use them with my Manfrotto 682B. That model has folding legs, but they are a pain to install and uninstall.

    What you need is fabricate an aluminum piece on a lathe, with an external threads on one side, screwed to the monopod, and a cilindrical piece that will fit inside the red cup of the folding legs.

    Inside there's a screw, which I'm trying to get the specs of, where you can fix the other side of the aluminum piece.

    And presto! You have secured folding legs. Now you can move the monopod around its base, or fix it in vertical position.

    Stability is not as good as with the original legs, but it's more practical.

    Does anyhone know the specs of that internal screw?

  6. Robert

    Got myself two of these. They were very good for a couple of times, but after two or three weddings the feet are no longer like they were before. The three feet now rest at the same level as the center, and whenever I tilt the monopod in a direction the feet easily fold up without resistance. It now seems to me that the main difference between these Chinese monopod feet and the manfrotto ones is the system that "stops" the feet from folding up.I have never tried the manfrotto monopod with feet, but judging by the pictures of them and looking at the Chinese that I got, the difference is noticeable. Sadly, a disappointment. Wish there was a way to fix it as I don't want to have to sacrifice both monopods because this issue.

  7. Daniel

    Has anyone found monopods where the foot can easily unscrew to attach easily to these feet? I don't want to have to cut my foot off and do all that extra work if I can just buy one that can unscrew....

    Anyone have luck?

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Amy - Sounds like you could go with a bigger monopod with a larger head, but it's all technique and practice.

  9. Amy

    I'm new to using monopods but bought one of these feet for a recently purchased second hand manfrotto 680b which has a manfrotto 128RC fluid head... I'm using a canon DSLR with this to film weddings, do you think it's an ok combination of gear?? Seems a bit unstable so maybe too top heavy? Thanks!

  10. Gene G

    I'm looking to adapt these legs to my Manfrotto 681B Monopod.

    The bottom section tube diameter is 25mm or 15/16's. The demo monopods used in the video and pictures all have a much smaller diameter that fit in the black insert.

    My thought is the black insert if removed may allow for the 25mm tube but I can't find the size of the red cup without insert of if the black insert can be removed.

  11. Dennis

    Thanks for the reply. I had a pretty thin and light Cullman monopod and I noticed that it was prone to flexing when almost fully extended. Sometimes I would get a wobble or bump it by accident and ruin a shot. Now I'm planning to upgrade so I was wondering if it was more important to get a monopod with a thicker diameter, or if the materials are more important. For example, between 2 monopods that have the same diameter, if one is carbon fiber and the other is aluminum, which would be more prone to flexing?

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Dennis - It may not necessarily be attributed to the weight, unless you are trying to use the monopod as a video stabilizer and walking with it. If you have it planted to the ground, a thin monopod may have more flex than a larger diameter one. I tend to like tools that make it easy for me to travel and run around, so I prefer lightweight and compact even though it may not be 'as stable'.

  13. Dennis

    Thanks for sharing this post. Does the thickness of the monopod provide better stability when shooting? Or is it the weight of the monopod that makes it more stable?

  14. Benton Collins

    So you can lock the ball socket down and still pan with the independent fluid cartridge? Thanks for your reply!

  15. pat joe

    Can someone post a link to the epoxy putty on amazon? I see a bunch of different epoxy putty listings. How many ounces do I need? Thanks.

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @Pudge - I think the monopod will sit in the foot the same way as my Manfrotto Monopod.

  17. Pudge

    Hi Emm, Do you think the Manfrotto 680 monopod would fit into this foot? It looks thicker than the 294 and would certainly take a heavier load on top which is why I would consider it over the smaller monopod in video work. Looks closer to the official 561 design by Manfrotto but with the advantage of locking off the pivot at the ball joint and being much cheaper!

  18. JG

    The mefoto walkabout works perfect I wanted to attach a photo but there is no option, anyway the walkabout is a direct fit so you just screw it in and u are ready to get some awesome shots. Hope that helps somebody.

  19. amanieux

    is it stable enough with the foot lock tightened to be used as a tripod to shoot video without touching the camera (using a wireless remote) or will a "normal" light wind make it wobble ? ( for a small mirrorless camera + a small lens)
    thank you.

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Raceblur - One tube of putty should be more than enough. I removed any end on my monopod, and just shoved t into the foot. The putty will end up in the middle of the monopod, and you'll still have space around the outside of the monopod leg. Make sure you keep everything vertically straight and let it dry.

  21. Hi Emm,

    I have the same monopod, Manfrotto MM294A4. Did you just stuff epoxy putty in the foot and jam the monopod in? Or did you the monopod on the base and squeeze the putty between the space? I not sure which way is best... Also how much puttey did use? Is one package putty? Or more?


  22. Emm

    Post author

    @Efex - Yes I did. I think I had to cut it off since it was glued to the foot.

  23. Efex

    @Emm - did you remove the rubber stopper from the bottom of rokinon before you inserted into the feet?

  24. Emm

    Post author

    @efex - The putty is very thick, so all I did was put the monopod in the corner standing up and let it dry. Just make sure it looks pretty straight before you leave it standing, it shouldn't shift.

  25. efex

    @Emm - How did you get the Rokinon monopod to stay level while to putty dried and how did you apply the putty.


  26. Slavik Boyechko

    Thanks for this - just made one using the Manfrotto aluminum monopod and some J-B Weld epoxy. The legs take a while to ship from ebay, but are pretty solid. In case you're on the fence, the locking version doesn't really work at locking the fluid panning base, so either version will be about the same.

  27. Emm

    Post author

    @Eric - I would probably go with a better monopod. You may not need the entire epoxy putty roll, so you can take a bit out and play with it. See how you think it's best to get it into the foot. I stuff mine into the foot, shoved the monopod into it, and removed the excess putty before it dried.

  28. Eric

    Thank you so much for sharing! This is such a great find and makes such a more affordable option.

    I was just wondering if you could describe in just a little more detail how you used the epoxy putty. I haven't opened the epoxy yet, but since I only have one chance, I didn't want to mess it up.

    is it possible to "wrap" it around the monopod leg, and then press that into the base? Or should I "plug" it into the bottom of the opening and press the monopod leg into that? Will it be enough contact?

    Also, I have a cheapie monopod:
    In your opinion, should I get a better one? Is it a waste of the base to use it with this cheapie monopod?

    Thanks so much, I love your site!

  29. MAGEtv

    ...mine just came in and it is a brilliant piece of kit...gonna get another one for "safety"
    but my trusty monopod broke 3 days before it arrived
    so i'll probably get a couple different ones and have a small arsenal for group work...

    thanks Emm!

  30. Brian

    For people looking for a removable foot option and are looking to purchase a new/additional monopod as well, take a look at this listing - includes the same foot with a monopod that screws in (no putty) without the head. It's likely not the best monopod out there, but would serve the function that some are asking for:

    For everyone else who is looking for monopods that this may just screw in and work with, make sure you look for ones with screw in spike feet - those are MOSTLY 3/8 threaded spikes (same as most photo tripods) and have the best chance of working.

  31. JSS

    I like the Idea of not having a permanent solution as Pete mentioned in the above post. So Emm or anyone else know any monopods which the aftermarket feed could just screw on?

  32. This is fabulous! I came SO close to buying a new Manfroto monopod at WPPI this summer but hesitated to spend $300 US. Thanks for this information, I just ordered my putty and tripod foot and can hardly wait to make it work really soon.

  33. I have a Gitzo GM5561T carbon fibre monopod which is extremely light and unusually short when collapsed. So far so good.
    But it doesn't have feet. I have attached a Mogopod TPD-2 foot assembly to its base and it works great:
    If your existing monopod has a screw in the base this is easy and does not need to be permanent.
    Each Mogopod foot is 23.5cm from its tip to the centre of the monopod giving it a wider and therefore possibly more stable footprint than the foot in this article - important if you need to leave it unsupported when extended. I have a Manfrotto 701 head on the top.
    So if you like the concept but think the foot Em has linked to may be a little too small for your own purposes this may be your answer.
    I do like this concept of what can in effect also be something to perform like a lightstand but with a much smaller footprint - great for a b-cam in some restricted spaces such as window ledges.

  34. Emm, what does the diameter of the fluid base? I wonder if these feet would fit the Manfrotto 681b monopod seeing how this monopod is pretty thick.

  35. JG

    How about the mefoto monopod? I believe it's the same weight and folded size as the rokinon 65 but it would have some red color to match the new feet.

  36. Emm

    Post author

    @Lainol - A manfrotto 561BHDV video monopod would be great for that setup. It has a video head to be the size of a Manfrotto 701HDV. The Benro S6 Monopod you share is also great for that heavier setup.

    If you're looking to make one to save cash, or to have a more compact system, I would suggest at least the Manfrotto Aluminum monopod I like in the article. The head should probably be as large as the 701HDV, or even the Benro S6 that you're looking at.

  37. Emm

    Post author

    @VanWeddings - There is a threaded rod inside of the foot. It's possible it may screw directly to your monopod leg.

  38. the ebay listing says it's made for the benro travel angel in monopod mode. does that mean no permanent modification required for that model? it would be awesome because I have that tripod!

  39. Lainol

    Hi Emm, I need a monopod for use it with a canon dslr loaded with led z96, sennheiser receiver and an audio recorder (h1 or h4n) for cover events, interviews... run&gun style. In your opinion which is the best combination of foot/monopod/head?

    Maybe the Benro S4 is a good deal?


  40. Emm

    Post author

    @George - Fluid 'panning' left and right (as seen in 2:40 of the video), not at the ball and socket.

  41. George

    Thanks emm i'll give it a try.One more thing though.Are you sure the base is truly fluid?Im asking because i have the manfrotto equivalent which has a true fluid base,although at a much higher price.This one looks like the base and metal ball are one body and just sort of move freely inside the bottom holder.

  42. Emm

    Post author

    @George - They are both fluid and panning left/right. They are basically the same, but one has a lock.

  43. John

    Awesome Emm! This is one of the BEST DIY tips i've seen so far! I have an extra monopod around that I can easily turn into a footed monopod!

  44. Emm

    Post author

    @urban runoff - When i'm working with small cameras like the GH3, I use these small monopods and small fluid heads. For one of the monopods i've added a Benro S2:

  45. urban runoff

    I've just been getting into shooting with a monopod/3legbase and starting to really like it. What fluid head do you guys use. I'm using the Velbon but it's a little stiff and I want something lighter for travel.

  46. Cfreak

    Excellent find Emm. I saw bento sells this part for $39 on Ebay, but only with a 3/8" screw. Either one will never work with my Manfrotto 682 HD Monopod (the bottom leg has a diameter of 1"). I have even emailed Manfrotto about buying the foot unit as a "replacement part" but they didn't even return my email inquiry! F'ers.

  47. Emm

    Post author

    @Loïc - I'm guessing it has to do with the country you are in. Not available for you to purchase. I can see it on my end.

  48. Loïc

    The ebaylink is not working.
    Where else can we buy this Fluid Base Monopod Tripod Foot ?

  49. Emm

    Post author

    @Robert - The opening is about 3/4" inch. I guess it might fit well with your monopod.

  50. Robert

    Hi Emm,

    I KNEW there was a reason this is one of my top three favorite Web sites!

    How wide is is the opening for the locking tripod? I've got an Opteka M900 and the bottom section is about 3/4" wide.

  51. Emm

    Post author

    @Mike - Custom shirts we had made a long time ago. Maybe we'll make more in the future.

  52. Emm

    Post author

    @Josh - This will not fit directly to a Mogopod. You have to modify the bottom of the leg, so that could mean cutting something up.

  53. justin

    Yes! agreed with seenematic, this is a great tip. Now I can mod two of my monopods. thanks emm!

  54. Best post ever ! I've been holding off buying a Manfrotto with foot for a while, since I already have a Manfrotto monopod which would become useless.
    Thanks man, this is a great tip !

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